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    His skin…fell off?”

    ”Right in my hands Polly.” Piper nodded with a smirk on her face. She, Larry, Polly, and Pete sat on the balcony of Larry and Piper’s apartment. Larry and Pete were at the grill talking about whatever football game had aired earlier in the day. Polly sat across from Piper, her noticeably pregnant stomach sticking out under her maternity tank top.

    ”Oh my god, that’s disgusting. Did you throw up?”

    ”Nope.” Piper took a bite of her shishkebab.

    ”And the thought of that, doesn’t make you repulsed to eat?” Polly asked in disgust.

    ”It did a little at first but, it’s really not as bad as you’d think. I enjoy it.” She shrugged.

    Polly repositioned herself in her chair and set her hands on her belly, looking over at the two men standing near the grill.

    ”How’s Larry feeling about it?”

    ”He doesn’t wanna hear about any of it.” Piper shook her head. ”He says it’s all disgusting and then tells me I have to shower before he’ll kiss me after I get off work. I mean, I still make him kiss me anyways.” Piper retired her shishkebab back to her plate and sipped her beer. ”He’ll get over it.” She shrugged.

    ”How about the coworkers? They cool?” Polly asked.

    ”They’re pretty cool for the most part, besides locking me in a cooler full of dead bodies.”

    ”What?!” Polly exclaimed.

    It was an accident.” Piper held her hands up. ”Nichols accidentally shut me in there so she could talk to her girlfriend.”

    Girlfriend?” Polly leaned closer.

    ”Well they’re not together, I guess. But, they sure do act like they are. They’re always sneaking off to talk to each other or flirting in the prep room. I mean, Nichols is for sure a lesbian. I think my boss is too. Or a bisexual? I don’t know.” Piper said.

    ”Maybe that’s why no men work there. The owner is a lesbian so she only hires women?” Polly suggested.

    ”I feel like that’s homophobic to say.” Piper squinted her eyes at Polly.

    ”Oh relax. You’re bisexual, if I was homophobic I wouldn’t be best friends with you.”

    Piper swatted Polly’s knee.

    ”Shhh. Larry doesn’t know about that.”

    ”Oh right.” Polly rolled her eyes. ”So this lesbian boss? That’s Vause of Vause Funerals?”

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