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    Chapter Four

    Nicky walks over to Lorna’s cube but notices she’s not there. She stares at Boo—who’s just now waking up—and asks aloud, ”Ay, where’s Morello? She go off to shower or somethin’?” She wonders where that petite woman might be, especially this early in the day.

    ”Not sure, Nichols,” Boo shrugs, stretching her body to make herself feel alive. ”She didn’t even sleep here. And it’s been goin’ around that she had some sorta breakdown on the phone last night—surprised you didn’t know that.”

    Concern washes over her face at the sound of that. ”Well, shit! I didn’t hear about that! Where the fuck could she be?” Nicky huffs in frustration as she starts walking in the direction of Red’s cell. She hopes her mother might know something, or at least be able to help her find the girl. Relief soon overwhelms her as she sees that Lorna is there, sound asleep in the bed while Red’s sitting in her chair with a book.

    ”Ma? Is Lorna okay?” Nicky worriedly asks, her eyes lingering on the small woman.

    Setting her book face down on her beat-up shelf, Red lowers her reading glasses and stares over at her daughter. ”She will be…eventually,” the Russian lets out a long, deep, breath as her eyes glance over at the woman sleeping in her bed. ”God—I don’t know what I’d do if I were in her shoes. The pain, grief, she must be feeling; it really breaks my heart, Nicky.”

    Nicky worries even more. Grief? What could that infer? Had she lost someone close to her? ”What the hell happened to her? Boo said something about a breakdown on the phone… Did someone in her family die?”

    ”Nicky, keep it down. I don’t want you wakin’ her up; it took me forever to get her to sleep,” Red sadly admits, her usually hard features softened with empathy. ”That baby you heard her talking about—it sounds like he may not live much longer…There wasn’t much we could make out other than hearing what she said. But I’m guessing there was some kind of accident that’s caused this. She said something about her son’s skull being cracked, which is not a good thing…and then she yelled about ”don’t let the asshole doctors anywhere near him”.”

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