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    Chapter Three

    ”Hey ma,” Nicky calls out, walking into the prison’s kitchen as she looks for Red. She passes Norma and Gina, who are busy peeling potatoes, and finds the Russian chef sitting back in her small office – seeming to be looking over a list of her inventory. A smile on her face, she slowly enters it as she gives an intent stare to the older woman. ”Ma, can we talk?”

    Hearing her voice, Red looks up from the paper and turns to stare back at her prison daughter. ”What have you done now, Nicky?”

    ”I didn’t do anything…nothing bad anyway,” the redhead chuckles, plopping herself down on one of the raggedy chairs. ”Ya know how I sometimes lurk around the visitation room?” Red slowly nods and Nicky continues, ”Well I kinda overheard Morello’s conversation with her sister…and apparently, she’s got a baby. She’s a fucking mother – can you believe that?”

    ”Well usually when a woman has a baby, she becomes a mother…so yes, I can believe that,” Red makes a light sarcastic remark, which causes Nicky to chuckle and shake her head. ”Now, Nicky, you better not get yourself into her business. If she doesn’t want for the whole prison to know about her personal life, that is her right. In fact, I’m a bit surprised to see that you somewhat care about this girl’s well-being…you usually just want the sex. But I think it’s very kind of you to not just try to get in her pants.”

    Smirking, Nicky only gives a shrug of her shoulders. ”Gee thanks, ma. I’m kinda happy with myself, too, for not doing anything yet. I mean it’s been five days since she got here and I haven’t fucked her yet. That’s a first for me. I never wait this long to have sex with the new girls.”

    Red gives a small glare to her daughter, waving her hand at her. ”Enough of that, Nicky. I don’t need or want to hear about your sex life. Go find something productive to do, I’ve got to get back to my work.”

    It’s the middle of the night when Lorna finds herself wandering off to the bathroom – she can’t seem to fall asleep tonight, there is too much going on in her mind. As she makes her way inside the room, she notices a familiar redhead sitting in the back and trying to discretely smoke a cigarette. ”Nichols? You’re smoking – is that even legal in here?”

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