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    Chapter One

    Another day, another patient. Lorna smiles as she gets herself ready for another long day of work. Ever since her release from prison—nearing five years ago—she had a calling to become a nurse. She didn’t think any hospitals would hire her, though, with a felony on her record but when one finally did, her whole life changed. The decent pay provides a good life for she and her son, and taking care of patients keeps her mentality in check.

    After dropping her son off at school, the brunette mother drives the fifteen minutes it takes to get to her place of employment. She parks her car in the garage before making her way into the hospital and finding what floor she’ll be working on for the day.

    ”Morello, good, you’re here,” the chief nurse acknowledges her, staring over the work assignments briefly. ”Off to the ER with you—they just got some woman in here – sounds like she overdosed on some pretty strong drugs. Better hurry down there; they’re gonna need all the help they can get with this one.”

    Lorna quickly does what’s asked of her, frisking her way down to the emergency department. A few of her coworkers see her and motion for her to come over to the exam room. She follows suit. Before she’s even half-way in the room, her heart drops at the sight of who the patient is. Her eyes dart over to the other personnel, ”Is this the overdose patient?” She bites the inside of her mouth to keep her emotions from showing.

    ”Sure is. We just spent fifteen minutes pumping her stomach. You need to stay here for the next twenty-four hours and monitor her—keep constant checks on her vitals and refill her IV bag when it empties. Make sure absolutely no medicine is given to her unless permitted by myself beforehand. Is this all understood, Morello?”

    Twenty-four hours? What about her son? She can’t just work a shift like this without given the proper notice. She inwardly gulps, not sure if she should open her mouth to say anything on the matter. ”Twenty, twenty-four hours? My son – I gotta get him from school this afternoon. I can’t leave him by himself,” Lorna timidly informs the ER doctor.

    The woman gives her a harsh stare and shrugs her shoulders. ”You signed up for all kinds of crazy long shifts like this when you accepted the job here, Miss Morello. That is a problem you’re gonna have to figure out because there is absolutely no way you’re leaving this room until exactly this time tomorrow. So, you better pray to God that you find someone who can watch him.”

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