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    Chapter Two

    Only a few days after her stay in the hospital, Nicky finds herself being moved into Lorna’s small house right on the outskirts of the big city. She complies without much argument. There’s not much to argue, anyway, because the only home she had before was the cold city street – maybe a stranded car, if she got lucky.

    She settles in easier than either women expected.

    The day wares on slowly. Nicky sits in the living room, watching the television while Lorna gets ready for another long shift, when she notices a young boy’s presence beside her. She turns her eyes away from the screen to stare at him and realizes just how much he resembles his mother—the dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and porcelain-like skin.

    The boy sits beside her, giving a hard look over her. He scrunches his face—the same way Lorna does when she’s frustrated—and opens his mouth to say something, ”Who are you? Why are you in me and mom’s house?”

    Nicky chuckles, amused at how he’s so suddenly cut to the chase. ”I’m your mom’s friend, Nicky; she invited me to stay here. Who are you?” She questions right back, mirroring his expression.

    ”What the—why are ya asking who I am if you already know my mom?”

    ”I know your mom…that doesn’t mean I know you,” the redhead replies with a smirk.

    He shakes his head and grunts out a frustrated groan. ”Yeah right—like my mom’s never blabbed to you about her perfect little boy…Please, she always talks about me to her work friends,” the brunette child folds his arms over his chest, giving her a strong glare.

    Lorna walks in—halting their conversation instantly—and smiles at her two-favorite people. ”Nico, I hope you’re not giving our guest a hard time. She’s mommy’s friend and she’s gonna be in charge of ya while I’m at work. So, ya better be on your best behavior. She has permission to take your video games away,” she informs sternly but wraps her arms lovingly around his small body.

    Hearing that causes an irritated grunt to escape Nico’s throat. He gives a nod, though, and gazes up into his mother’s eyes. ”How long will you be working, mom? I gotta soccer game tonight and you promised to be there, remember?”

    ”I’ll be home long before your game, sweetie. I made sure to tell my boss about it,” the Italian brushes a hand affectionately through his thick hair. She gives one last squeeze before releasing the embrace and peering firmly down into his eyes. ”Promise me you’ll be good for Nicky? She’s had a rough few days and doesn’t need to be chasing after my wild eight-year-old—ya hear me, buddy?” She gives a tender kiss to his cheek after seeing his head nod to her question.

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