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    Chapter Two

    ”Oh, Franny,” Lorna says into the phone, tears running down her cheeks, ”I-I don’t know if, if I can survive here for three long years… It’s unnerving, and I – it’s just too much for me!” She grips tightly on to the phone as her vision becomes blurrier with all the crying she’s doing.

    Franny Morello, Lorna’s older sister, sighs sadly on the other end. ”I know it’s hard, Lorn. I hate that you have to spend three years in there, but sweetie…you kinda did this to yourself. Anyway, try to keep yourself calm and don’t do anything stupid! I’ll come visit you this weekend…and if you’re up for it, I can bring the baby.”

    The simple suggestion of Franny’s bringing the baby for a visit brings a batch of fresh tears to her eyes. Another reason she hates herself for getting thrown in prison. ”Franny…prison is no place for a baby,” Lorna sobs out. ”I don’t-I don’t want him to think this is normal…for his mommy to be rotting away in fucking prison!”

    ”He’s a baby, that’s exactly why I should bring him. He won’t even remember any of this anyway. So, what’s the trouble of bringing him to see you? Maybe if you see him you’ll feel better and try to stay somewhat sane in that place.” Franny does her best to try to convince her sister to allow her to bring her son. She knows, deep down, it will be in the best interest of Lorna for her to do so. ”Look, I gotta go – the baby’s crying. Please try to be okay, Lorn. I love you; call me tomorrow and let me know your decision.”

    That night as Lorna lays restlessly on her bed, she bolts up and realizes where she is. ”I’m, I’m in prison,” she whispers, pinching her arm to make sure this isn’t all just a horrible nightmare. It’s certainly not a nightmare, she internalizes, this is real – she’s really in prison. Teary-eyed once again, Lorna slowly climbs down from the bunk and starts heading out the door.

    ”Morello, where are you going?” Anita’s voice sleepily calls out, her brown eyes barely peeping out of their lids. ”The COs get real antsy if they see anyone out in the hall this time a night…especially Mendez. And trust me, you do not wanna accidentally be caught by him.”

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