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    Heart of A Butterfly

    ”But it’s Valentine’s Day—we’re supposed to do romantic things like that! And it woulda been perfect if Red woulda made you stay later like she promised!”

    ”I have some romantic things we can do with each other,” Nicky smirks, pushing the brunette gently onto the couch. She pins her softly between the cushions and herself; her eyes staring lustfully down into the other’s. ”You’ve been slavin’ over that hot kitchen all day, yeah? I bet ya could benefit from a nice love-making session, huh?”

    Lorna gulps; her cheeks blushing a bright pink. She nods profusely. ”Guess a little dessert before dinner won’t kill us,” a small laugh escapes as the sensation of her wife’s tender hands brush along her neck, leaving her tingly and warm.

    The taller woman chuckles in return, moving her hands down to Lorna’s pants and slowly undressing them. Her hands caress against her bare legs. ”Fuck it; we deserve to indulge, kid…today’s a special day, after all,” she purrs, moving her face up to the brunette’s abdomen where she allows her lips to land, brushing sweetly along the soft flesh.

    Eyes squeeze shut at the delicate sensation. Lorna reaches her hands down to Nicky’s face and cups them around her, wanting to feel her skin against her own. ”I love you.”

    ”I love you too, baby,” is the other’s husky response. Her lips stroke lightly along her flesh, making a trail down from her abdomen all the way to the tops of her toned-thighs. She lets herself suck very delicately on Lorna’s sensitive area, her tongue massaging the skin with warmth and compassion.

    Her fingers slowly caress up Lorna’s leg and stopping momentarily at her genital area. She lets them stroke softly around it before finally inserting them inside. While her fingers are occupied with that, she continues to smother the Italian’s entire body in gentle kisses—smiling so lively at the sounds of her moans and pleads for more. Without even a second of hesitation, Nicky deepens the pressure inside of her wife’s genital—caressing it ever so lightly with the tips of her fingers to intensify the euphoric sensations.

    The brunette’s body slightly trembles from how strong the orgasm is that slowly starts to plague through her. Her feet curl against the armrest while her hands dig deep into the cushion underneath. ”Oooh, mmmyes, Nic-Nicky, god yes,” she murmurs breathlessly.

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