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    An Awful Mess

    Rose paced to the front door, wondering who had knocked.  Of course, there was someone she wanted it to be, but she had long given up hope on that possibility.

    And yet it was exactly who she had wanted to see.  For a few moments, she simply stared blankly in shock.  Vanessa was actually standing there, and had arrived on her birthday, the best gift Rose could have hoped for.

    Suddenly all the feelings that she had repressed for so many days came flooding back to her.  She had missed Vanessa so much, felt for her so deeply.  These feelings filled her mind and came pouring out of her mouth, the tears welling up in her eyes as they spoke.

    “Rose, I love you!” Vanessa cried, and then they were kissing.  They had both held it inside for so long and been separated for almost as long.  It felt perfect, better than anything Rose had ever felt before.  She loved Vanessa.  That thought repeated over and over in her head as they kissed, when suddenly she was brought back to the present as she heard sniffling behind her.

    She turned around.  It was Claire.  In the heat of the moment she had completely forgotten about anyone else in the world but Vanessa.

    Shit, Rose thought.

    She looked back and forth between the two girls she stood between.  She loved Vanessa, but she loved Claire, too.  Claire had helped her open up, and was truly inspiring.  Yet she had just acted in such a way that could only mean that deep down Vanessa was the only one she truly loved.  And yet as she thought about that, she knew that she couldn’t just let go of Claire.  She didn’t want to hurt Claire like that, yet she was evidently already hurt.

    What have I done?

    She had just put herself in a horrible position, and the wonderful release she had just felt was now overtaken by guilt.  What was she supposed to do now?  She couldn’t stay with both of them.  She knew she didn’t want that, but at the same time the thought of letting either of them go hurt even more.

    She walked away and then ran up the stairs and didn’t stop until her bedroom door was shut behind her.  She knew that left Vanessa and Claire alone to say anything to each other.  She didn’t want to do that, but she couldn’t bear to have them looking at her.

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