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    falling in love could never be a sin

    Vanessa hadn’t been honest with herself for so long. When she finally came to terms with who she was, and skipped past all the useless questions, like, ’why?’ or ’how?’ everything had changed. And since it had been one of Vanessa’s New Year resolutions to be completely honest with herself, she knew that the catalyst–the moment that catapulted her life into a different direction–was the moment that Rose’s lips touched hers.

    It had been her first kiss.

    And it was more than she could have ever expected. It had taken her a long time to work through it, to understand that it wasn’t a sin–falling in love could never be a sin. Now that she was living with her brother, she understood that. Maybe what she needed all along was a change of scenery, a chance to see the world outside the sheltered one that her parents had brought her up in.

    Now she could breathe.


    Getting ready took Rose longer than she would ever admit to anyone. She tried on five different shirts before finding the right one, and she made sure her hair looked good. At least she looked good on the outside; it hid how much of a nervous wreck she was on the inside.

    She had asked Vanessa out one week ago, when they had been walking together in a park near Vanessa’s brother’s apartment. Their friendship had been blossoming, coming back stronger than it had ever been, and Rose had missed it. But–she still wanted more.

    At first, she wasn’t sure if she even should still feel what she did for Vanessa. So much had happened, and both of them had changed so much over the past year. After a while, she knew that it was futile to ignore her feelings. So, after a lot of failed attempts at asking Vanessa out, she finally did it, when they were in the park, eating ice cream.

    And Vanessa had said yes.

    Which led to a million butterflies spontaneously combusting in Rose’s stomach, which led to them shyly smiling at each other, which led to this evening. Rose was just not ready. What if Vanessa changed her mind? What if she didn’t like her Rose as much as Rose liked her? What if their parents found out and sent her to a convent a thousand miles away?

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