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    Out at the sea

    Out at the sea

    It was a hot day in the summer holidays. Rose was sitting in her room, her laptop right in front of her. ’Am I really supposed to do that?’. She didn’t know. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
    Come in.“
    Hey blossom. Have you asked her already?“
    Uhm… Not yet.“
    Nathan looked at her with his typical ’You should do it’-look. Rose raised her arms saying.
    It’s okay, I’m going to ask her, but don’t look at me like that!“
    an smiled and left. She knew that her dad didn’t mean to push her into it…Well, actually he wanted to because he knew how much she wanted to ask her! Nathan knew how much she loved her and he just wanted to see his little girl happy.
    Dad, do you really think this is a good idea?!” Rose shouted down the stairs. On her laptop Facebook was already opened.
    Yes, Rose, this is a good idea. Just call her.”
    ’Call her?! Well this sounds better than to write her on Facebook.’
    , Rose took her mobile phone and typed in the number, then she put down the phone again.
    What the hell am I doing here? It can’t be so difficult to ask for a date! Anyway, it is not even a real date. My dad will be there and so will be Angela. Come on Rose, just call her!” She was talking to herself the way she often did, when she got too nervous. Rose nearly fell from her chair when the phone started vibrating in her hand. It was Claire.
    Oh hey, I
    just wanted to call you”. Rose knew that this was a white lie.
    Yes because – uhm… Do you like swimming?”
    Wait… You wanted to call to ask me whether I like swimming?”
    ’What am I talking about? Swimming? Really Rose? Well, for some reason it wasn’t that wrong…’
    Yeah swimming… Do you like swimming in the sea?”
    Eh… Yes. Why are you asking?”
    My dad, Angela and I are going to the sea next weekend aaand I wondered whether you might want to come with us?” Silence. ’Damn, she doesn’t want to. I knew this was a bad idea.
    Of course! It sounds wonderful, but I have to ask my parents first. I text you, okay?”
    Okay.” It took a load of Rose’s mind.
    Wait! You called me, but you didn’t tell me why.”
    Oh.. uhm… Actually I just wanted to hear your voice. Now that I heard it I’m fine. So… See you!” She hung up. Rose kept sitting on her chair with a big smile on her face.
    ’Wow, she is so sweet, how did I come to think she might say no?’

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