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    Out with Vanessa

    Now I know you all wanted to know, Vanessa and I did go on that date. My heart was racing the whole time. Never has a non fat,extra hot, cinnamon chai latte seemed appealing yet so threatening at the same time. It was just coffee, just coffee who am I trying to fool, it wasn’t just coffee. It was a declaration of love, with the school band as our soundtrack. Never have I felt so much happiness and fear all at the same time. Not helped by Dad and Kenny’s pre date pep talk. Since when did those two become relationship experts?

    We just stared into each others eyes, I never knew they were so beautiful. Her lips, her smile goodness knows I’ve missed that smile.

    Sometimes you don’t need to say a word to get what the other person is thinking. It’s enough to be in that moment totally lost, yet so aware of where you are.

    We talked and talked, for hours. She apologised for running away, on balance there was no need. We all have gone through a lot, more than most their entire lives. She spoke of a girl called Sera, who works with Matthew. She really did help her to see sense.

    She knows who she is finally! I wish she would stop apologising for everything. Apologising for hurting me, and she did. I have never once hurt her like she hurt me. I maybe understanding but I have my limits. To not support me when Britney Robinson made my life hell. You fight for the things for people you love. And what does she do run away not face up to it. I could go on for days about that one alone. I’m not going to bear grudges they never work out.

    She talked about what happened on the streets. Not fully but something really effected her. Someone stole her stuff, I know that much. There is something more but I’m not going to push just yet. She had to go through all that just to get to the point that she admitted who she is! Honestly has she never heard of PFLAG? Or actually talking about what she is going though. You just want to bang your head against a wall for all the help it would do. To be fair it was more of a counselling session than a date. Sometimes you have to get through the horrible stuff to get to the good beneath. Seriously I did find a book on the subject in the book store. I did tell you, all I would buy a copy. Not an idle threat was it?

    It’s not a relationship yet far from but it’s a start, Vanessa is back in school next week. Apparently her social workers have helped her be brave enough to face things again. Part of me is looking forward to having her back. Having to cope with seeing Claire and the whole world knowing. Worrying about how Vanessa is handling being ”outed.” That’s a different matter Complicated ?………

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