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    Last Rites, First Love (Final Chapter)

    Maura dropped her gloves in the sink and asked Kent to procure the body they were planning to autopsy. Even though it was a hospital call, she always grabbed her bag. She carried a couple of overnight things in it and always her Chief Medical Examiner credentials.
    Her smile was bittersweet, thinking that she was mere weeks from walking into the hospital and stating she was there to see her ’wife,’ as she remembered Jane’s fierce crying jag and reasons not to get married.
    You will be waiting at home every night for that phone call, or I will show up on your table. Then what? Maura was not backing down. They were both in their chosen fields and it was better to work with a few connections than none at all.
    Jane had never called and said she needed for Maura to come to the hospital, so clearly she was losing consciousness or sanity or both. Jane Rizzoli was a one-woman assault team and would never call to say she needed anything from anyone. Usually, it was Korsak, a scowl in his voice that Jane had managed some Spiderman move, and while she nabbed the perp, she sprained her body and needed to be driven home.
    Korsak must be injured if Jane was calling, but she whispered in a hesitant and panicked voice. Maura’s mind raced even more.
    The only blessing had been Jane’s call from the scene. The squad car got Maura to the ER before the ambulances and she arrived simultaneously to the first one. She felt great relief that she recognized the doctor on call and stood patiently beside him while he dispensed treatment rooms.
    ”Dr. Isles, It’s good to see you. I could tell you I might even need extra hands today. But let me get everyone situated and then I can speak to you.”
    Maura’s heart fell into her guts as Dr. Crowley referred to ’everyone’ and simultaneously, she turned to see at least three gurneys in the hallway with black bags strapped to them.
    ”Jesus Christ!” started running through her mind as a scream on a continual loop and the calm doctor’s decorum was slipping away as she started to feel light-headed.
    Korsak appeared and she noticed immediately the intensity with which he was barking orders. He arrived at the desk and spoke to Dr.Crowley with the first words out of his mouth bellowing  ”Lockdown,” before he even said hello.
    Rizzoli jr. was in tow and taking Vince’s orders down verbatim. ”10-4, Korsak. No one leaves this corridor unless they are tagged, handcuffed, and escorted or bagged. Two guards at every entry or exit.”
    A moment later, Frankie realized the crude verbiage he had used in front of Maura and regretted it. Technically, he didn’t even know what had happened, but was called to the scene as part of the aftershock to the clusterfuck and clean up crew.
    ”Frankie, I want sharp eyes on the scene, well, since you know, everything that went down. No mistakes. If there is a loose hair off someone’s head, I want it bagged. Every wad of gum and cigar butt.”
    Dr. Crowley had no idea that a BPD meltdown was brewing in his emergency room and the only reason it had not erupted was the absence of Angela Rizzoli. Maura knew she was not there yet, because there had not been siren-like sounds of wailing Italian profanity as she inventoried the corridor for Jane, Frankie, Korsak, Maura and her new beau, their police captain.
    Angela Rizzoli was a force of nature and as fierce in her mothering as her children were with their police work.
    Maura’s politeness evaporated and her light-headedness forced her to touch Korsak’s forearm. He knew she was terrified, pale, and about to go down. Other than that, he didn’t know how she got here so quickly, or what she even knew.
    ”Dr. Isles. I can’t talk to you. Not yet. Just let me get everyone situated first, please.” He was pleading with what Jane referred to as his Papa Bear eyes, and Maura was silent, compliant and afraid if she opened her mouth, she would vomit or scream and be unable to stop either. This was no pile up on the highway 95 beltway as she had imagined. It was worse, way worse for Korsak to be sending a Rizzoli back to the scene to be in charge of the investigation.
    Vince touched Maura’s hand and asked her to sit down, simultaneous to the sound of shattering glass. He turned quickly, shielding her body behind him and pushing her to the floor as he drew his revolver.
    ” Doc, are the ambulances empty,” Korsak shouted at Crowley, who was shielding a child across the floor from Maura.
    ” Get ’ em out of here if they are! Now!”
    Maura crawled behind a chair to cover herself and now the tears would not stop. Something this bad. It was her sixth sense. Jane and Korsak had been shot at and the mob war followed them to the hospital. What else was she supposed to think? Her patience was gone and her mind snapped.
    ” Vince, you need to tell me if Jane is alive. I am not going to lay down and take this anymore. They are here for me and you know it.”
    ”Damn, Maura. Sit your ass back down. Or I will handcuff you myself. I don’t know. That’s all you need to hear. I don’t know if Jane is alive. Officer Gates, escort Dr. Isles to the most secure interior room you can find on this floor and if there is a lock on the door, lock it and do not leave.Period.”
    Fierce had catapulted into ferocious and angry and Vince knew he would have to apologize to Maura later. For the moment, his rage and blood pressure were both sky-rocketing. This is not the way he was going to leave the BPD. He had to tell her something about Jane. He just could not address the Doyle shooting yet. He had waited years to bring down Boston’s most evil criminal, and three weeks prior to retirement, he was successful with three slugs. Maura could hate him if she was mad. Jane was off the hook, and Vince hoped beyond hope that there had been no possible way to revive Doyle.
    He had ridden into the hospital in the ambulance with Jane. He knew she was alive, he also knew he could not risk Maura roaming the halls to find her.
    The shots in the parking lot had ceased and the doorway to the emergency room had been covered by metal gurneys, preventing entry or exit.
    Dr. Crowley radioed for the ambulances to clear the parking lot and confirmed that all injured parties were now inside. Surgeons from the upper floor had been admitted to the treatment area and there was almost a moment of calm, as the well-oiled machine began to work again.
    It also gave Korsak a second to think, what had Maura meant? The shooters were there for her? She was obviously dazed and traumatized and could have no idea about the earlier drug bust and shoot out. What was she thinking?

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    1. Welcome back Jo:

      Very nice chapter, I was missing this story; and, please, you have to keep posting it because it looks like, there is a lot going on.

      I hope Jane is safe and Maura could hug her soon

      Thanks for the story and pps.


    2. Thanks for the new chapter, the story has been missed so much, happy to see something on it. Now a question. You mentioned a new beau, the police captain for someone, were you speaking of Angela, sure hope so. Maura and Jane are still engaged hopefully and waiting for all this to be settled and they can be married. Thanks for posting.

      • Angela started seeing Cavanaugh a few chapters back. Now that I have the end in mind, I will finish it, but want to call this painful two yr wait to finish a ‘first draft,’ Thank you for waiting patiently. I actually can’t sleep, too much political crap going on and have been on a two day writing binge. I went back and read this from the beginning–all day. I actually liked it! BUT that wedding scene was so lovely, I am not sure I want it to be Maura’s exhausted dream. I will admit, once I put the tattooed eyes in, .this story just hit levels of a runaway train. It has taken a year in the classroom to retrieve my brain back onto the track! ha

    3. Thanks for sending a reply. I do remember when Angela became involved with Cavanaugh on the show and tried her best to hide the relationship to no avail. And Jane nearly losing her dinner over the fact. When I read that line in your 10th paragraph, I wasn’t sure you meant Angela., so good to know that you were. Have really missed this story just so happy that you are continuing it. Really hope you let them get married and have a life together and Frankie with his girl as well. You said in your reply that it has taken a year in the classroom to recapture your brain back, does this mean you have completed the work for your Master’s. If you have let me congratulate you, I know what you have accomplished and the hard work you’ve endured to do so. My daughter is about to complete her Masters degree as well, so completely understand what you have gone through. Good luck to you in your future endeavours.(I know that is the British spelling) and I really prefer it to our version of the word. Thanks for coming back to us and completing the story, so many authors leave their stories unfinished. It’s as if they don’t give a hoot. I understand that everyone has a life outside this board and it sometimes gets in the way of what we enjoy doing for pleasure but they committed themselves to do this writing and I think the least they can do is complete the story. A lot of the readers look forward to those stories for whatever their reasons. Have a great week and come back to us soon.

    4. Again, thanks for staying invested, I am almost finished with the first Master’s, done with all the classroom stuff , and all my writing /thesis type stuff is online. I had the most marvelous fiction technique class in the Fall and ch. 8, was titled BEGINNINGS and ENDINGS. The class was four twenty yr olds and I (50+). The Prof. is my age (:
      So she asked, what do you have a harder time with, beginnings or endings???
      Silence,…..mic drop. NO ONE HAD FINISHED SOMETHING to completion. For me,I explained the psychology of letting go kept me from finishing in fiction,The others were not true writers, just kids in a 300 level college class. So they finished assignments to turn in, So in that instant, we all agreed we would finish something by the end of class,but it also put me on a larger mission to come back and finish what I started for Jane and Maura.
      Right now the last chapter is handwritten, but they are not at a good place, so I am not posting until it resolves.Jane is furious over the tattoo and basically, tells Maura she can no longer trust her, I’m not good leaving it that way. So it will gel a little longer.

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