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    22. 3.75 Carat Whoop-Ass

    There were several days of arriving at the precinct with goofy grins to follow. In fact, it was practically expected, for the sheer reason that they were newly engaged and Maura had returned home safely from the rural, high priority case she had been called to consult on.
    She had been subjected to minimal chastising, but more than anything, the entire force was relieved for her return. She realized how foolish she had been, how much she had risked Jane’s career and if truth be told, professionally she outranked Cavanaugh, but they would be requesting time off for the honeymoon soon and she didn’t want to antagonize him.

    At first, they both wore their rings to work every day, but Maura had to remove and lock hers up as soon as the autopsies started and Jane would wear hers until they went out on a call and then slip it into the glove box. After a while, she started leaving it with Maura, but then she realized,her soon to be wife just worried more knowing Jane had gone out on a call if she had turned over the ring for safe-keeping. She hadn’t really decided on a new alternative yet, when Vince called, ordered her down front and told her to jump in the squad car as he drove by.

    Fortunately, he slowed and let her climb in, but the ring was still in tow. Jane was taking in his every word about the fact that the two bodies from the warehouse shooting the night before were gang members, but both were carrying drugs. On the waterfront, it meant only one thing. Smuggling, or so Korsak thought. And smuggling meant one thing to Jane, her future asshat-in law, Patrick Doyle.
    She had made every attempt to erase him from her mind since the morning she saw the eerie grey eyes tattooed on Maura’s midsection. She was livid, furious and considered him a vile animal, but simultaneous, she knew she had to let herself forgive Maura for wanting to protect them all. Forgive Maura? Maybe, but never forget that monster drugged and burned his daughter’s skin as if she was property on display as a mob trophy.
    Vince interrupted her thoughts, and asked Jane if Maura had mentioned either autopsy to her, but Maura had not even come home after the bodies were hauled into the morgue at 3 a.m. that morning. Not surprising, after the Markov affair, she did not leave bodies unexamined after a crime and started the identification immediately.
    Also,they were both trying to tie up all the paperwork they possibly could before their wedding in six short days. Neither would admit they were counting it down or thrilled, because then they would have to admit to the other that they were both terrified and excited little girls on the inside.
    They were finally headed to Block Isl., because it was the trip they had missed previous. Also, they knew it would be a bit smaller, more intimate setting than the Martha’s Vineyard venues in Edgartown that Constance had suggested.
    When they arrived at the scene, there was no time for vests and Korsak was out of the driver’s seat like a twenty-five year old. Gunfire with the uni’s was in progress and they had rolled up just as a drug bust was in progress.
    Two gunmen were laid out on the sidewalk and Jane took off the opposite direction for the purpose of clearing approaching civilians til more backup arrived. She was waving her gun with one hand and talking on the walkie with the other and out of nowhere, she was knocked off her feet and her gun went flying.
    ”I can not let you stand in my way anymore, Rizzoli. NO MATTER, what I owe Maura!” The large build of Patrick Doyle had flattened her and they were in full on hand to hand assault. The moment she realized it was Paddy, her rage escalated as they punched each other back and forth, hoping to make a break for either of the handguns.
    He was on his feet first and Jane was a second after him, tackling back to the ground. All she could think about was the tattoo, the mark he made on Maura and her adrenalin raged even more, catapulting Jane back to her to her feet as he continued to try to bring her back down to the ground.
    Before she even realized what she was doing, she seethed through her teeth, ”You will never touch Maura again.” Swinging hard,she sliced into his cheek with the enormous ring she hadn’t taken time to remove. The slash mark gushed blood immediately, but Doyle was too concerned about losing his handgun in the struggle. He kept swinging wildly, trying to overpower Jane and wrestle her off her feet again.
    A moment later, there was a gunshot. And then a second. The polar bear sized Doyle, landed on the grass a few feet from the detective he had been pommeling. Jane grabbed her cell, whispering ”Maur-, I need you. I am sending a squad for you to meet me at the hospital.” Then the cell fell out of her hand and lay silent beside her.
    Jane didn’t know if Doyle was dead or alive, and didn’t care. She only knew her partner, Vince Korsak, three weeks prior to retirement, had protected her by firing the gun that she couldn’t bring herself to fire for Maura’s sake. Now, maybe her beloved would see what an animal this man was; And if he died, she could comfort Maura and Maura would have to understand, Vince had no choice.
    Of course, if he lived? Not only would he be permanently imprisoned for attempted murder and assault on a BPD detective, but every day, that mark on his face would be a reminder to Doyle and all his playmates in prison, ”Don’t mess with Jane’s woman,” or you will get a can of 3.75 carat Jane Rizzoli whoopass.
    After that, Jane never left for work without it.


    1. Hi Jo:

      Thanks so much for coming back with this very nice chapter, as you say, it was necessary to complete the tattoo’s issue, before the wedding, I hope you could update soon I’ll eagerly waiting for the next chapter, pps


      • Well it has been a long time coming, for Jane to be able to flatten Doyle on his ass and NOT upset Maura, so it resolved a few things for me. Also, a tough cop in such girly jewelry put it to good use and she has never dissed Maura and called it ‘over the top’ or gawdy. She just turned it into a purposeful weapon. I think when her soon to be in six days wife arrives at the hospital, she will agree.

    2. Now THAT was what you call an uppercut!!Poor Paddy didn’t even see that one coming did you old boy,now you gonna wake up dead and realize not only did you loose, BUT you lost to a GIRL..LOL.great update,ps

    3. Thanks for coming back with this chapter and it was a good one, especially with Jane being able to deck paddy for once and get that out of her system. Did Vince accidently shoot Jane as well or was she just injured fighting with Paddy Doyle? It was lovely to find a new chapter from you, we know how stretched for time you are. Waiting impatiently for the next one. Thanks again for posting. Hope you have had a great Christmas and wishing You and Yours a ver prosperous and Happy New Year; with a new Masters Degree bestowed upon you.

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