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    Coming for You – (Chapter: A Twist In My Story)

    Spencer leaned over the table and cupped my cheek in her hand.

    Spencer: Oh my god babe, I’m so sorry. I had no idea.

    Ashley: Don’t be sorry. I mean I’m better now.

    I said holding up a bottle of anti depressants from my purse, giving it a quick shake. My sweatshirt sleeve then rolled down, revealing a faint pink line that extended from my wrist to the middle of my forearm. I quickly went to cover it back up, but Spencer grabbed my hand and brought my wrist to her mouth, laying gentle kisses down my scar. Her gesture caused me to relax and I just melted from her touch.

    Ashley: This was really hard for me to tell you, so thanks for being so understanding.

    Spencer: Baby I’ll always be here for you no matter what. You know that right?

    Ashley: I do now.

    I smiled into her hand that cupped my face, giving her palm a quick kiss. Spencer wiped away a stray tear that had begun to trickle down my cheek. My tears were strictly from the relief that Spencer had brought me, there was nothing sad about them. The blonde then slid into my side of the booth, pulling me into her warm embrace. I continued to cry on her shoulder and she ended up pulling me closer. While humming soothing word into my ear, she stroked my hair. We sat like that for a while in the empty food court, until diner hour came around and a new flood of students entered the spacious room.

    Spencer: You’ve had a rough day, how about I go make you a warm bubble bath and wash your stress away.

    She asked, cupping my face in her hands and forcing me to look at her. I just nodded at her offer and we both left the booth and headed for our room.

    At first it was just me in the warm tub, while Spencer was taking care of me, but I just bugged her until she got in the tub with me. My back was to her front and I snuggled into her arms, leaning my head back on her shoulder. She placed gentle kisses on my neck and we just relaxed in the comfort of the water.

    Spencer: You know what Ashley?

    Ashley: What?

    I shifted slightly in her grip to look at her.

    Spencer: You said your dad suffers from depression too?

    Ashley: Suffered from depression. He died while he was on tour in Japan when I was two.

    At telling Spencer this bit of information, I felt her grip tighten around my waist and noticed her eyes droop in sadness.

    Ashley: He overdosed on heroine. For him that was his escape, you know from the depression. Is it horrible that I don’t miss him?

    Spencer just stared at me still shocked at my previous confession.

    Spencer: I don’t think it’s possible to miss something you never really had.

    I nodded at her words then rested my head back on her shoulder. Letting out a tired sigh I closed my eyes and just relaxed in Spencer’s arms.

    Who the fuck needs an anti depressant when I got a girl who makes me feel better than all the drugs in the world combined into one!


    1. excellent update. definitely brings a new level of drama to the story. and I’m glad ash got it all out there with spence, otherwise it could definitely lead to problems. great job, pms!

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