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    Coming for You – (Chapter: A Twist In My Story)

    Spencer: Ashley baby, wakey wakey.

    Ashley: Just five more minutes mom.

    I mumbled only to realize that my mother would never be nibbling on my ear. I lazily opened my eyes only to be met with Spencer’s ocean blues. The way the morning light casted on her through the window sill was absolutely breath taking.

    Spencer: You were saying?

    I rolled my eyes and grabbed the back of her neck pulling her into a loving kiss.

    Kristen: Man you two never quit do you? You sure were loud enough last night.

    Kristen said as she entered the room with Aiden, carrying a bag full of doughnuts and coffee. Making sure not to break from mine and Spencer’s kiss, I gave Kristen the finger and then grabbed Spencer’s ass through the sheets hoping to get a rise out of her.

    Kristen: Ew, okay, I think I may have just lost my appetite.

    Ashley: Oh well, more doughnuts for us.

    I gave a Spencer a quick wink and she smiled at my comment, trying hard to stifle a laugh.

    Kristen: Come on Aiden, let’s go to class.

    Kristen demanded sounding a little agitated.

    Aiden: You know what, on second thought, I might just stay here.

    Kristen, obviously disgusted, slapped Aiden’s arm and I threw my pillow at him, hitting him square in the face. Clean up on isle five… someone needs to mop up Aiden’s drool.

    Aiden: Ow, god Kris, I was just kidding.

    Kristen: Come on you perve. If you’re good I’ll give you a “show” of my own later.

    Kristen purred seductively to Aiden. Spencer and I both looked at each other pretending to gag as the couple left the room.

    Spencer: Well that couldn’t have been any more awkward.

    Ashley: Oh believe me, it could. Kristen’s the best at creating awkward moments.

    We both chuckled then fell into a comfortable silence. We continued to lie in bed, in each other’s arms, for a little while longer.

    Spencer: So, what’s on the agenda for today?

    Ashley: Umm, I have Guitar at 10 and then English at noon. What about you?

    Spencer: I have psyche at 9 and video production at noon. Want to grab lunch after class?

    Ashley: Yeah, I’d love to. As a matter of fact I actually really need to talk to you about something.

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    1. excellent update. definitely brings a new level of drama to the story. and I’m glad ash got it all out there with spence, otherwise it could definitely lead to problems. great job, pms!

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