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    Mrs. Officer – (Chapter: Adrenaline Rush)

    I shut my phone, smiling from ear to ear just at the thought of seeing Ashley later. I wonder what club she’s going to take me to. The only new night club I’ve heard of recently is Ego, which is close to almost impossible to get into. My best guess is we won’t be going to that one.

    As I was considering all the possible clubs in LA, I felt my phone vibrate in my hand. I grinned as Ashley’s name flashed on the caller ID.

    “Hello?” I answered my phone, still not quite sure why Ashley was calling me when she just told me she’d text me when she got off work. Not that I’m complaining or anything, I love talking to her.  

    “Hey there good lookin’” Ashley responded in the most charming way possible. “How’s my favorite criminal?” She asked, making a wisecrack at me.

    “Criminal? Who you calling a criminal?” I teased her from the other line.

    “Well considering I bump into you on my job more than most of the people I put away, that makes you a criminal.” She said trying to stifle a laugh.

    “If I’m a criminal you better come cuff me then.” I said, trying to get a reaction out of the brunette.

    There was a short pause on the other line. Ashley then cleared her throat and continued with the conversation.

    “I, uh, well the reason I was calling-“ Ashley paused mid sentence. “Hey Spence can you hold on a sec?” She asked me sounding a little distracted.

    I then heard the sound of police sirens in the background.

    “Ashley are you calling me while you’re on duty?” I asked her disapprovingly.

    “Oh no its okay Aiden’s driving. I’ve just been thinking about you ever since I talked to you last and couldn’t wait until tonight to hear your voice, so I decided to call you.” Ashley said, causing me to smile. “I’m sorry if I’m being annoying. I don’t want you gettin’ sick of me already.” She apologized with the faintest hint of sadness in her voice.

    “Me get sick of you? Never gonna happen.” I told Ashley firmly, making sure she believed me. “I’m glad you called, honestly.”

    “So what are you up to at the moment?” Ashley asked me.

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    1. i love how that once ash is out of uniform she doesn’t mind a little speed haha and using her siren…think she still has that bad girl inside. pms

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