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    Coming for You – (Chapter: Hot Mess)

    Spencer: Mornin’ sunshine!

    I opened my eyes to find Spencer straddling my hips with a smirk on her face.

    Ashley: You know, usually I’d complain that you were waking me too early, but I think I could get use to this.

    Gesturing to her body on top of mine, I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her into a heated kiss. Spencer quickly pulled away.

    Spencer: No, but really. I have awesome news!

    Ashley: Just tell me so I can get back to kissing you.

    Spencer: I got us two tickets to that battle of the bands tonight!

    Just then my eyes lit up with excitement. I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

    Ashley: What! Really?

    Spencer: Well considering you’re a music major and all, I thought you’d love to go.

    Ashley: Aw Spence, you’re the best babe!

    I squeezed Spencer’s small frame in a tight hug.

    Spencer: After yesterday I thought you could use a lil’ pick me up. Plus they even have open mic after all the bands play and you should totally go for it.

    My body tensed at the mention of open mic.

    Ashley: I don’t know Spence.

    Spencer: Aw come on you’re great and you know it.

    Ashley: I’ll agree with you there, but I’m not doin’ it. End of story.

    Spencer gave me a pout only to be replaced with an devious smirk. This girl was obviously up to no good.

    Ashley: What are you thinking?

    Spencer then grabbed my wrists and firmly pinned them above my head. I just continued to give her a questioning look.

    Ashley: Spencer?

    Spencer: Say you’ll do it.

    Ashley: No. I already told you, now drop it.

    For some reason Spencer took that as her invitation to tease me relentlessly.

    Spencer: What, are you scared?

    Ashley: No.

    I struggled against her restraint.

    Spencer: Well then what’s holding you back?

    Ashley: I don’t know Spencer, I’m not good around huge crowds, that’s all.

    Spencer: Well now’s the time to face your fear. Come on. Do it for me?

    Ashley: Ughhh you never give up.

    I tried to roll over, but it was impossible considering she had me pinned under her body.

    Spencer: Just say yes.

    She husked in my ear, her hot breath tickling my face. I just continued to glare at her.

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    1. Omfg. I just started reading this like day before yesterday and I’m finally completely caught up and I think it’s AMAZING!! You’re a great writer. :] Keep up the great work. This chapter though. Oh man. It wasn’t Ashley’s fault that girl did that. What a crock. I hope everything works out. PMS.

    2. spence shouldn’t hold that against ash. it’s not as if it’s something she wanted to happen, and she did try to get away. but anyway great update, so is ash gonna use her song to get to spence? can’t wait to find out, pms!

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