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    Mrs. Officer – (Chapter: Road Rage)

    My heart pounded away at my chest as I let the music blaring through my headphones drive me to my destination. All the muscles in my legs ached and burned from the miles of prolonged running.

    “Hey Ash! Wait up!” I heard my partner call from a ways behind me, but I didn’t slow my pace because if I did I knew I’d never be able to finish this last mile.

    I ran my forearm across my sweat stricken forehead and just concentrated on my feet hitting the pavement and not the pain coursing through my body. I rounded the last corner of the street that would, within a short matter of time, take me to the station.

    Once I had finally reached the building I ripped off my t-shirt, leaving me in just a black sports bra, and collapsed on the grass. It took a few minutes, but my sporadic breathing finally returned to its normal pace allowing me to finally relax. I then stood up and sat on a bench outside the station and waited for Aiden’s arrival.

    “Holy… shit… Ash, that… was fucking… insane.”  Aiden managed to say in between multiple breaths. “What gives?”

    “Well first of all I’m in way better shape than you tubby and second of all I just felt the motivation to run hard this morning.” I replied taking in his worn out state.

    Aiden did a full circle and checked out his body in the reflection of a nearby telephone booth.

    “Hey I’m not tubby! The offended brunette said getting all defensive. “And what do you mean motivated?” He then added raising an eyebrow, causing me to immediately regret saying anything.

    “Never mind Aiden, just forget it.” I said getting up from the bench and pulling my shirt back over my head.

    Aiden then jogged over to my side and gave me a puppy dog face.

    “Knock it off Aiden, I’m not telling you anything. And your stupid puppy dog face doesn’t work on me remember?” I rolled my eyes at his pout.

    “It’s Spencer isn’t it?” He asked excitedly. “Aw Spencer’s your motivation.”

    “Shut up Aiden.” I forced out behind clenched teeth as we walked through the station, everyone’s questioning eyes on me. “Can you please not talk so loud?”

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    1. Loca ass jumping on the car. Hilarious. I hope she’s ok. Maybe her back is hurt worse than she thought and she’ll have to take off from work and Spence can take care of her.

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