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    Disability 101

    Disability 101

    After school at the Carlin home, Spencer has told her mom about everything that happened at school between her and Ashley, and that she invited her over. Spencer’s mom Paula was pleased that her daughter had made a friend so quickly, and promised that she wouldn’t, as she put it, “cramp her style”. Then, there was a knock at the door. Paula took that as her cue to exit the living room and head up to her and Mr. Carlin’s bedroom.

    Spencer goes to answer the door. Meanwhile, Ashley waits patiently for it to open. When Spencer opens the door a brief moment of shock, followed by one of pleasant surprise comes over Ashley.

    “Spencer, you’re standing?!”

    “Not all on my own, but yeah…I use this thing (referring to the black and blue walker with a seat that’s helping her stand) …for short distances like; around the house, and a chair for longer distances and more populated areas where I need to move a little quicker.”

    Spencer says downplaying the significance of her ability to walk with a walker while remaining mindful of the fact that it is a big deal to Ashley because she thought Spencer was confined to a wheelchair. That is after all what Ashley is here for…to be informed about her increasingly intriguing new friend.

    “Okay Ash, not that you’re not pretty enough to stand here and look at all day… (Ashley blushes), but unfortunately my legs don’t agree…So, unless you plan on coming in I’m going to sit down and look at you instead.” Spencer says with a smile as she turns her body around to sit on her walker seat. Before she can turn to the point where she would be unable to see Ashley for that quick second or two it would take for her to complete the turn, and be facing Ashley again, Ashley steps through the door way into the house.

    Spencer stands “C’mon my room’s this way…” She instructs motioning with her good left hand while her bad right hand remains clinched on to her walker for balance.

    “You just can’t wait to get me alone can you?” Ashley jokes.

    Spencer gives a quick laugh. “Wishful thinking Davies?” She plays along.


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