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    Spence’s World: Party Time, Not Excellent!

    It’s Friday at lunch, Spencer and Ashley are eating together, as they do every day. Aiden approaches and begins talking to Ashley.

    “Coming tomorrow Ash?” The tan dark haired boy asks.

    “Where?”  She asks with her brown eyes looking at the boy, as confusion plays on her face.

    “My party!” Aiden answers with obvious excitement for what he is sure will be a great night.

    “Oh man…I totally forgot…” Ashley pauses because, she notices Spencer is still trying to figure out what the two friends are talking about. Then, she informs Spencer, “Every year during the first weekend of the school year, Aide throws a party.”

    “So you coming?” Aiden asks Ashley again hoping she’ll say yes.

    “Can Spence come too?” She asks politely.

    “Ash, I don’t want get invited because you asked him to let me come. It doesn’t seem right.” Spencer interjects somewhat sadly.

    Ashley is sad because she feels like she’s overstepped her bounds and upset Spencer. Aiden sees this and quickly interrupts the unpleasant moment.

    “I already told Glen about it at practice yesterday plus, if my Ashley likes you, you must be a cool girl …So of course, you can come!” Aiden says to Spencer with a smile.

    Ashley perks up.

    “Thanks man. Spencer says in appreciation. Aiden nods.

    Until now, Spencer hasn’t had many positive reactions with anyone at school other than Ashley and her brothers. This gives her hope that that’s about to change.

    “For the third time…are you coming?” Aiden asks in mock frustration.

    “We’ll be there!” Ashley answers for both she and Spencer.

    “Cool…See you tomorrow at my place! Aiden exclaims as he exits.

    “Later!” Spencer and Ashley respond at the same time.

    Aiden walks over to sit with some guys from the basketball team. Meanwhile Spencer and Ashley continue talking as they were before he came to their table.

    My Ashley? Ok what’s the real Ashley and Aiden story?” Spencer probes.

    “It’s nothing…we’ve known each other forever…he’s always been there for me…but we’re just friends.” Ashley answers honestly.

    “There’s more to it than that…you both want to be more than friends I can tell…”

    The stunned look on Ashley’s face let’s Spencer know she’s onto something so she probes further.

    So, why don’t you?

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