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    The Odyssey Begins

    The Odyssey of Me

    Spencer Carlin and her brothers Glen and Clay arriving at the beach on the last day of summer break.

    Intro by Spencer

    You see that silver van with the Ohio plates on it? Now look Do you see the girl with the long blonde hair in the passenger’s seat?  That’s me, Spencer. Next to me in the driver’s seat is my oldest brother Glen, and behind us in the backseat is my other brother Clay. Clay’s in the back because my disability makes it harder for me to get in back there.

    Glen: Hey Spence, you just want to chill on the beach right? Spencer: Yeah. Glen: Can I just carry you over to a beach chair then? Spencer: I guess so. Glen: Because I really don’t feel like getting your chair out. Spencer: You lazy piece of shit! Spencer said pretending to be upset.  Glen: We need to get a wheelchair lift. Clay: What we need is you to stop being an idiot and get the chair out…I’ll get it out for you. Spencer: It’s alright, it’s cool…Even though, the chair would be easier to get to if he didn’t have all that extra crap crammed back there in the first place. Glen: The football and the Frisbee are good ways to get girls! Clay: Yeah Spence, don’t you know chicks dig Frisbee players? Clay says sarcastically. Spencer responds to Clay in kind; before moving on to Glen. Spencer: Rrrright…Okay Glen, what’s the genius reason behind all the other junk of yours that’s still back there from the move? We all got our stuff out and unpacked. You still have a couple boxes, one of your suitcases full of clothes, and other random shit you keep tossing back there. You do realize we left Ohio over a week ago right? Glen: Like you said, I’m a lazy piece of shit. They all laugh. Clay: You sure you don’t want me to get your chair Spence? Spencer: Nah, I’ll let him carry me to a beach chair.

    Glen and Clay get out of the van. Glen walks over to the passenger’s side. Spencer already has the door open, and has swung her legs around, to be ready for him. Glen turns around so that his back is facing Spencer and bends down. Once Spencer’s arms are wrapped securely around his neck, Glen stands up. Then, he carries Spencer piggyback style to the nearest beach chair with Clay walking along beside them. Once there, the two brothers make sure everything is situated for Spencer then leave. She likes to be alone when not needing help it gives her a sense of independence.

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