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    End of Innocence

    Spencer’s point of view

    It’s late at night, or early in the morning depending on how you look at it, but it’s dark outside so I’ll call it night. Can’t sleep! Too much to think about lately! So, I guess this is the part where I write about it as if I’m telling someone all about it? Even though, I know I’m not. Really, I’m just writing things down as I think about them. Maybe, things will slow down in my head if I get them on paper? I guess I should’ve started this by writing “Dear Journal”?

    Anyway, a lot’s been going on lately. Madison’s suspension has been over for awhile now, but she hasn’t been back to school, not that anyone’s complaining. It’s a lot quieter. Ash’s says she’s probably taking extra time off to recuperate from a boob and or nose job. They wouldn’t need to use silicone or saline to enlarge her breasts, just take a little off her ass. There’d still be plenty Latin booty to go around. That would give a new meaning to the phrase tits and ass. Aiden swears she’s in a mental institution. Might not be a bad idea. Actually, I’m hoping that some doctor, like in Switzerland has perfected personality transplants, and she comes back a new person. A girl can dream right? Well, not me because I can’t get to sleep, but yeah.

    Madison’s former puppets, the cheerleaders have completely changed for the better without her. They’re actually cool to hang with even Ash thinks so. I still can’t believe how they handled the captain situation. Everyone assumed that Sherry would be named the new captain, but they chose Anna and Belle to be co captains, openly gay girlfriends leading a cheering squad?  Hell yeah! Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. There are still some people in and outside of the school that have a problem with it, but fuck them! Chill Spence! Why did I just write down me telling myself to chill? Maybe seeing it will help me do it? Anyway, news networks and papers have covered the story, and of course, there’re activists and protesters on both sides. Why so much fuss over how people live their lives? The silver lining is the school is behind the girls and their choice in the controversy.

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