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    At the Davies’ mansion, the house phone rings Raife answers it in the kitchen. This is the phone call from Raife’s POV “Hello?” Oh… Hi Spencer, is Ashley’s cell dead? Is that why you called the house? You wanted to talk to me? Okay… what’s up? That’s really sweet of you Spence, I’m sure she’ll love it! How can I help? Sure, that’s no problem at all. That’ll be a nice touch…you’re a good girl, Spencer Carlin.”
    Ashley enters the kitchen and over hears her father. “Spencer? Dad, why are you talking to my girlfriend? She asks him with a confused look on her face.”

    Raife ignores his daughter for a moment to finish up with Spencer. The call continues from Raife’s POV “Well Spence, sounds great! I’ll take care of that favor for you. Don’t worry I won’t tell her. You’re welcome! Do you want to talk to Ashley now? Okay here she is.”

    Raife hands the phone to Ashley and walks away leaving her more confused than before. She starts trying to get the information out of Spencer. Here’s the phone call from her POV “Okay Spence, spill! What were you and my dad talking about? Come on Spence tell me…I’ll still be surprised the only difference is I’ll be surprised now instead of whenever you give me the surprise….but you CAN see the look on my face when you tell me the surprise…I’ll reenact for you…I promise! Okay, okay, I guess I can wait until tomorrow. “

    Lunch time at school the next day, Spencer and Ashley are sitting across from each other at their table talking as usual. Spencer is attempting to delay telling Ashley what her surprise is.”Did you hear about Madison? Apparently she sent out messages on Twitter and Facebook last night saying she was coming back to school today.” Ashley rolls her eyes. Yeah, I heard that, but I haven’t seen her…Thank God!” Spencer chuckles. “Me either.” Ashley responds sarcastically. “What a shock Madison lied again.” Spencer says “True!” They both laugh.

    Ashley can’t wait any longer. She has to know what her girlfriend and her dad were planning last night. “Okay Carlin, You’ve stalled long enough… please tell me what this surprise you have planned for me?” Spencer teases. “Do you really want to know?” Ashley begs. “Yes please!”

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