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    HeartLake – (Chapter: 9 Innocence)

    Wednesday after class Kyla is in her dorm, listening to Spencer type. “Kyla?” She looks up from a Victoria’s Secret. “Yeah,”

    “Happy Birthday. I didn’t know what to get you so I burned you a CD.” Spencer tosses an envelope to her. Then the door opens.

    “Get up.” Carmen pulls Kyla off the bed and drags her out the door. “I told you no surprises.” Kyla scolds her.

    “Well, at first I wasn’t sure but I think you’ll like it. If not I have a plan B.” They sneak out of the dorm to the auditorium. Carmen takes her backstage to the dressing rooms.

    “Remember when you asked me what it was like when I took you?” Carmen asks.

    “Uh, yeah,” Kyla answers hesitantly. “Well, there’s a girl in there, who likes you, she’s waiting for you.” Carmen points to a room.

    “Wow, this is an interesting birthday,” Kyla blushes.

    “You don’t have to, I just thought you’d have fun.” Carmen shrugs.

    “I’ll admit, I’m tempted, but this is too strange.” Kyla shifts awkwardly.

    “That’s fine cause plan B is more fun for me.” Carmen takes Kyla to the front of the stage. A 2×2 canvas and some paint are set out.

    “Paint something. Anything you want.” Carmen sits down.

    “For who?” Kyla grabs a palate and a brush.

    “Whoever,” Carmen shrugs again.

    “I don’t know where to start.” Kyla peers at the canvas trying to see colors and shapes.

    “What about this…” Carmen stands.

    “I’ll make it a challenge. I’m going to touch you or kiss you somewhere and I want you to paint that with your hands.” Carmen takes her brush away.

    “Finger paint a feeling?” Kyla’s brow is furrowed.

    “Only if you’re up to it of course.” Carmen smirks, puts her arm around Kyla’s neck pulling her in for a kiss.

    Meanwhile, Ashley is on the roof. She’s holding a black hardcover book bound by 3 small rings. Silver lettering on the front says Kyla.

    “Ash?” Spencer says from behind her.

    “Yeah?” She turns to find Spence holding a rose. It’s white.

    “I really like you, more than any other girl. It’s scaring me. I’m not sure how to act around you. I wanna make you happy but I don’t know how.” Ashley’s quiet for what seems like a long moment.

    “Just… don’t, ok? Don’t,”

    “You want me to commit, right? Here I am. I want to try.” Spencer hands Ashley the rose and sits beside her.

    “Promise you won’t abandon me, that you won’t just walk away like everyone else.” Ashley smells the rose.

    “I swear. I’ll stay with you as long as you’ll have me. Here,” Spencer pulls out a dark stone ring. She puts it on Ashley’s left ring finger. Then kisses her hand.


    “Shhh,” She leans in kissing her softly on the lips. Lingers for a while before pulling away slightly.

    “This moment, remember it. Remember this question: Will you be my girlfriend?” Spencer looks deep into her eyes.

    Ashley dares herself not to look away. She doubts her voice and so just nods.

    The setting sun casts a purple glow in the sky…


    1. awww that was so cute of spence. so was there really a girl waiting for ky? cause if so I kinda feel bad for her getting left in a room like that. but hey the painting seems like it could get quite interesting. pms.

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