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    In the beginning… – (Chapter: A new start)

    Helen was woken the next morning by loud banging noises coming from the room next door. Finding Nikki had already gotten up she went to investigate the disturbance. Nikki was pulling their bed apart and had some how managed to drag the mattress downstairs.

    "Nikki what the ……what are you doing? Helen asked annoyed at being woken so early. Then her face became a picture of stunned shock as the delayed realisation of what Nikki was doing properly registered.

    "What does it look like babe?" Nikki replied as she undid the last bolt. "Come on then give us a hand" she asked.

    "Nikki, have you any idea of the time? It’s not even 7.30 am yet". Helen growled
    "The sooner we get this old thing out the sooner we get to test try the new one" Nikki laughed. "Oh come on Helen be a love and help me take this downstairs." Nikki pleaded.

    As Helen was already up she decided it would be easier to do as Nikki asked and so together they carried the old bed downstairs. Helen’s day had started earlier than she liked but Nikki was so excited at the prospect of buying them a new bed she didn’t have the heart to burst her bubble. Grabbing a quick coffee and a bite to eat they set off to the nearest store to make their purchase.

    "How about this one?" Nikki said bouncing on a nearby bed.

    "Nikki behave." Helen scolded playfully
    "Oh come on darling , we need to try them all." said Nikki making her way over to the next and sitting down hard making herself bounce again. Helen had to smile. It had been a long time since Nikki had done any real shopping and it was nice to see her have some fun.

    "Okay sweetheart you choose" said Helen happy to let Nikki make the choice. After a few more bounces Nikki decided on one. They called the salesman over to help them make their purchase. Whilst he was checking on the price Nikki moved in close to Helen.

    Running the back of her hand down Helen’s neck and letting it come to rest between her ***** Nikki asked. "You thinking what I am?"

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