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    Mrs. Officer – (Chapter: Good Night)

    Once I had climbed into the passenger side of the Mustang, Ashley popped the trunk and disappeared behind her car. She then reappeared at my door and tapped on the window.

    “Thought you might want this.” She said, holding up her police jacket.

    I opened the door and gratefully accepted the heavy duty clothing.

    “If that doesn’t keep you warm, then nothing will.” She said, helping me slide my arm into one of the sleeves.

    “Well come a little closer and we can test that theory.” I flirted with Ashley, giving her my signature crooked smile.

    I noticed her face turn a light shade of pink at my suggestion, but she recovered quickly, leaning in to peck my forehead. She then shut my door and made her way over the driver’s side, taking her seat next to me.

    “So did you have fun tonight?” She asked, starting up her car.

    “Hell yeah!” I shouted in excitement, causing the brunette to chuckle at my outburst. “It wouldn’t have been any fun without you though.” I added, grabbing the hand Ashley had resting on her thigh.

    “Oh come on, you’re telling me you don’t have any outrageous girlfriends, like yourself, to party with?” She questioned me in disbelief.

    “Not exactly” I answered her, trying to hide my disappointment. “Being the stereotypical high school nerd didn’t exactly leave me with the best social skills.”

    “Could a fooled me” She replied, peeling out of the driveway and knocking me back into my seat for the second time tonight.

    After Ashley’s little exit from the club I was for sure she’s be hitting the triple digits, but to my surprise she followed the speed limit the whole way home. Once she had pulled in my drive way, she ejected her seatbelt then shifted in her seat to look at me.

    “Do you mind if I walk you to your door?” She asked, her eyes scanning the area outside my apartment complex.

    “Yes you may, but it’s not because I’m letting you be an overprotective cop.” I replied, taking her off guard with my statement.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said grabbing her taser gun from under her seat when she thought I wasn’t looking.

    “Ashley” I said firmly, getting her full attention.

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