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    New Girl 101 (Morning Beautiful)

    Spencer’s POV:

    I opened my eyes to the sun coming through my shades. I feel the warmth from Ashley against my back. It feels nice, I turn towards her and smile. She is sleeping, like a rock. I watch her for a bit and just think of how I just met her and already I feel like I could do this everyday…wake up to her I mean. I slip out of bed and pick some clothes up to change into. I quickly strip down into my bra and underwear and start to look around for some clean jeans…

    Ashley: Nice ass…

    (I turn around to find Ashley wide awake, staring at me. She is giving me a devilish smirk and she just bursts into laughter, probably after she sees me blush. I feel my cheeks get hot and I grab my clothes and head for the bathroom. 

    Ashley: Whoa whoa…wait a sec. I didn’t mean run away?

    (She grabs my arm…by the way. I’m still half naked…haha)

    Spencer: uhh…

    (Ashley pulls me towards her and pushes her lips against mine. Oh my god…she can kiss. She wraps her arms around my waist and rests them on the small of my back. This time is considerably longer kisses…we break away)

    Ashley: I’m sorry, its just you are so gorgeous and you are half naked…

    Spencer: Ash..its ok. 

    (we start to kiss again and I put my hands on her flat stomach. Before I know it I have her bottom of her tank laced in my fingers…I wanted so bad to pull it off of her…What happened to me? I used to be innocent?)

    Ashley:(pulling away) Ok…I think that’d be enough. Its on the edge of carried away…

    Spencer: Sorry…I’m usually not like this. I just…

    Ashley: Can’t handle my irresistible charm and my killer abs? I know I know…I make it tough but I’m not going to tell you again Miss Carlin. I know you want my body, but you have to wait! 

    (She smirks at me and I just stare. I do want her, I just don’t want to be “another one night stand” She looks in my eyes and gives me a quick kiss and jumps back on my bed.)

    Ashley: You get changed…and I’ll be waiting (brushes her hand against my comforter then pats the seat next to her. I enter the bathroom, change, brush my teeth and come back out.)

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