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    New Girl 101 (Sister bonding)

    Ashley’s POV: 

    I am on my way to LAX to pick Gwen up. She’s back for about a week from New York. She’s about 10 years older than me, she is my half sister. My father’s first kid, I’m the last. She worked for a record company and now she is a successful PR Associate. I haven’t seen her in a while so it should be good to catch up. I find where her flight should be coming in…my mind is still on Spencer. Has been since I left her house this morning…”Nice Ass..?” She is definitely unpredictable. haha. I see Gwen’s dark brown locks from across the way. She smiles at me and practically attacks me, hugging me so tight I thought I heard one of my ribs crack. 

    Ashley: Ok…enough.

    (She lets go…)

    Gwen: Oh My God. You are so beautiful. What is going on? How are you? What have you been up to? Hows school?

    Ashley: Please! You sound like my mother..oh wait? She doesn’t care enough to ask. haha.

    Gwen: Oh boo hoo loser!

    Ashley: And there she is! Glad to see my sister is still in there somewhere covered up in the fancy “lady” suits. (I burst out laughing. My sister in a suit is a sight to see. I remember her fondly in leather and pink in her hair. Also, tons of neon tights…haha)

    Gwen: Ash. Come on. I need to look professional. I’m not your age so I can’t dress like I used to…(I nod in agreement) So…anything new?

    Ashley: um…no not really. School started…(I smile wide, thinking of meeting Spencer.)

    Gwen: Oh my god! You met someone!!!! Already??

    Ashley: What? 

    Gwen: Who is he? or she? (she has a nerdy excited grin on her face, I can’t lie to that!)

    Ashley: Her name is Spencer. (she grins wider) And I just met her, I stayed with her last night. That’s why I didn’t answer your calls, my phone went dead and I didn’t have my charger. 

    Gwen: You spent the night with her already? Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

    Ashley: No no no…Gwen it wasn’t like that. I didn’t even know she had a thing for me until last night. I had dinner with her family and then her mom asked me to stay…so I did.

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