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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 2A)

    We lie in bed together for a while, kissing and holding each other. Ash, rubbing her stomach suggests that we go for a late lunch. In my room the light coming through the one thick window is a deep but faded yellow, like a distant star. The smoke from an incense sparkles in the light, creating an atmosphere like stardust. I don’t want to get out of bed. I have her wrapped in my arms; the perfect moment.

    “How about I order something for us instead?”

    “Well,” She starts “I kind of have to check in at the hotel, but we could eat there; go to the spa, maybe go swimming…” She rambles on, brow scrunched, squeezing my hand. I quiet her with a kiss. She tastes so good; this is like out millionth kiss and it still feels like the first.

    “I guess we can do all of that, I just really don’t want to get up.” She looks into my eyes for a second before getting up, in all her naked glory, and pulls me with her.

    We get dressed and take our bikes to the hotel. It’s big and fancy, very modern. The Lochs. Yes, lochs like lochs and bagel. Don’t ask me why they picked that name. We check in and go to her room on the 49th floor. The elevator ride takes 15 minutes! The 50th floor is the spa, yes, all of it. But back to the room, it’s fantastic! There’s a Jacuzzi and a shower, fridge, tv, wi-fi, the works.

    We’ve only been here about 5 minutes when room service comes up with a platter of BBQ ribs, smoothies and shoestring fries. Ashley tips the girl who’s looking between us with a confused look on her face.

    “Something wrong?” Ash asks her.

    “Um… no…” She looks startled. Her name tag says Stasi. Stasi, why do I know that from somewhere? I take a closer look at her. Ooh, not good. I think this is hooked-up-in-the-professor’s-office Stasi. She stalked me for three weeks. I stand up, glaring at her, to kiss Ash. She’s a little surprised but kisses back until we hear the door SLAM.

    Breathlessly, she asks “What was that all about?”

    I sigh. “We hooked-up once when I was between girlfriends and she stalked me for weeks.”

    “I can have her fired if you want” Ashley offers.

    “No, I don’t think she’ll be back.” I’ve reported her to the cops before, I’ll do it again.

    “If you’re sure?” Ash looks up at me.

    “I am,” I still have my arm wrapped possessively around her waist. She shines, not a bright shine though, the opposite. If that’s possible. For darkness to shine? Not bad darkness, deep darkness, the beautifully broken kind.

    As I realize five minutes have gone by I notice her staring at me. I think I see a flutter over her shoulder. I must be starving.

    “Uh, can we eat?” I whisper.

    “Yeah,” We eat on the bed stealing glances at each other, talking softly. I keep looking over her shoulder for the flutter.

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