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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 2B)

    We stay in bed for another hour or so, making out and touching, before I get hungry. As much as I love being here in her arms I hate basements. You’d think I would like them because I’m so “dark”, as people like to say, I’d be used to them. Truth is: they freak me out. Small thick windows; concrete walls, pipes etc. I suggest we go to lunch.

    “How about I order something instead?” -No, ugh, I need to stretch-

    “I kinda have to check in at the hotel but we could…” I start telling her all the things we could do there. They have everything.

    Mid sentence she cuts me off with a kiss. None of the girls I’ve been with kiss like her.

    “I guess we can do all of that. I just really don’t want to get up.” Her eyes sparkle as she tries to persuade me. But I get up and pull her with me.

    We ride close on the way there.

    The elevator up is big, however, to small in this situation considering I have to keep my hands to myself. We go to my room, as high up as they’ll let me go. I come here very often so they know I like corner rooms with lots of windows. I could have a whole floor turned into a penthouse if I wanted.

    I go to the bathroom while Spin looks around. I see who I really am, who I used to be.  Try to see who I will be when this is over. I hear the door open and go to pay the concierge. She stares between Spin and I repeatedly. -What is her problem?- Spin peers at her and then glares for a few seconds; jumps up grabbing me into a fierce kiss.

    I wasn’t expecting this so it takes me a bit to kiss back. SLAM!

    “What was all that about?” Strangely, I’m out of breath.

    “We hooked up once, between girlfriends, and she stalked me for weeks.” -That creepy bitch!-

    “I can have her fired if you want.” -She’ll never work again.-

    “No, I don’t think she’ll be back.”

    “If you’re sure.” I look up at her. She nods and says something I don’t hear because my heart is clogging my ears. She’s holding me close and my senses are in overdrive. From a certain angle her skin sparkles. Like an underwater light covered up with mesh. It seems as though she had the sun hidden under her skin. Maybe if I stare hard enough I’ll be able to see through to it.

    “Uh, can we eat?” She breaks my concentration with a mere whisper. We talk about small things and I keep trying to look through her.

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