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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 3B)

    We’ve eaten all the food we can eat and now are just chilling. The sky is orange; Spin still has that glow. I’m laying across her, tracing shimmery lines on her stomach. -Her flat, toned, creamy…-

    “Ash,” I turn around to look into her baby blues. “Was last night your first time?” -Oh man, was I that bad? I’m so pathetic.-

    “Well,” -So, I don’t have a whole lot of experience. Is that such a horrible thing?-

    “no, was I bad?” I avert my eyes.

    “You were great. Better than great. I was just wondering is all. Because of the way you touched me.” I have a flash of last night. -I like touching you.- I feel her hand on my knee, forcing me to look at her. She kisses my cheek and I blush. Then my lips and before I know it she’s topped me.

    Not that I mind it’s just that she keeps trying to French me and I just got my tongue pierced. When I tell her it still hurts she smiles and kisses my forehead. Soon, she kisses my neck. -I’m going to have the worst hickey.- The feeling I’m having right now is strange, good strange. What is it? Safety. I feel protected here, with her body over mine. That’s something I haven’t felt in a long time. She bites my neck twice and my collar bone. It’s not surprising that i really like it. Her hand sneaks up my shirt.

    “Do you wanna go to the pool?” -What?- I sit up, to find Raven at the door, with Spin still groping me. -Crap. What do I do?- I can tell she’s pissed.

    “Uh, Raven, this is Spin; Spin, Raven.” Raven lifts her eyebrow in a ‘Who’s this skank?’ manner.

    “Sorry. I totally forgot about her coming up here.”

    “So, are you coming or not?” The angry arm places its hand on her hip.

    “So, are you leaving or not?” I will not take crap from her.

    I don’t know how the girls are going to react to me bringing a date with me; one that I’m not necessarily trying to recruit.

    I let Spin wear my extra bikini. She makes it look amazing. Blue Jay, Killer, Kandy and Surfer have been warned by Raven but act surprised and take turns checking her out. BJ pulls me away. “What’s the deal with Spin? Why’s she off limits?” -I haven’t said that yet but it’s true. You read me too well.-

    “We hooked up last night. I never said she was.” I catch her diving out of my peripheral vision.

    “Doesn’t seem like just a hook up to me. We can all tell she’s yours; the one you’ve been looking for.”

    Only BJ knows my secret…

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