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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 7A)

    Holding Ashley in my arms I decide that I should tell her now before this gets too far.

    “Ash,” She looks up at me with curious eyes.

    “I have to tell you something…” Her eyes seem unconcerned.

    “Ok?” She sits up a little preparing to listen.

    “I’m not what you think I am…” I look away.

    “I know. Neither am I. We’re the last ones.” She kisses my neck and jaw.

    “How?” My heart beats a tiny bit faster.

    “Well, the planet got sucked into a black hole when the sun imploded…” She says casually.

    “What do we do?” -Why couldn’t I tell who you are?-

    “I don’t know exactly. I’ve been trying to figure that out myself.” -I wonder if we could… never mind. That’s not possible.-

    “I kind of have an idea… We could open a Paradox and try to see if anything is left…” She looks up at me with insecure eyes.

    “Uh… isn’t that dangerous? Don’t we need oxygen?” -And what if our atoms all separate from each other due to lack of gravity?-

    “I think because we’re special, since we have both of us, it wouldn’t be dangerous. But I’m not sure about the oxygen thing or the separating atoms thing.” Her brow furrows.

    “Did you just read my mind?” -Oh crap…-

    “No, you said that out loud. I could try, if you want?” She half smiles.

    “Uh… if-if I say no are you going to try anyway?” -I hope not.-

    “No. I could never invade you like that.”

    “Good. Now, back up a few sentences. How are we special?”

    “You and I have opposite powers so together we have all powers.”

    “Should I ask how you know what my powers are?” -This is a little creepy. How does she know more about me than I do?-

    “Well, it started with a hint, you had glowing lines under your skin. And then in the pool when you kept giving me air but not going up for it yourself, plus how long you stayed under.”

    -Oh, damn. I totally didn’t think about that. Glowing lines?-

    “Yeah, glowing lines. I don’t know. They were faint, almost suppressed.”

    “I guess it’s possible that I suppress my powers… but only because I’ve been so used to pretending to be someone else until recently. Not pretending to be straight, my mother has hated me since I was twelve for being gay, but hiding my powers so I fit in a little bit better…”

    -The one time I didn’t they almost killed me…-

    [It’s Halloween Night and seventeen year old Spencer has been out Trick-or-Treating for the last time. She’s back at her house with some friends.

    “Hey, you know what we should do? We should play that game where you try to levitate someone. If it works that means one of us is a witch.” Says a friend. They all agree, except for Spencer, who is apprehensive.

    “C’mon Spence,” They begin the chant.

    Spencer doesn’t get very close to the girl in the middle. She puts her fingers under and tries to relax. After a while the others start to open their eyes.

    “Oh, my god! Look!”

    Spencer opens her eyes to find the girl floating a few feet above her.




    “I’m not… it’s not me.”

    “Put me down!”

    Spencer loses concentration and the girl falls to the floor.

    “What did you do to me?” The girl gets up angrily.

    “I don’t know. I mean… nothing.”

    “Liar!” The girl comes at her with flying fists.

    “Stop! Please! It wasn’t my fault!” Spencer tries to block her.

    “Get her!”

    “Stop! Please!” They all advance towards her.

    They start closing in.

    Spencer looks around with wild eyes and a pain in her chest.

    “I said LEAVE ME ALONE!” She screams from under the fists and claws and boots.

    Her back arches as the pain in her chest gets worse.

    A bright white light shoots out in an arch from her chest, throwing the kids into the walls.

    Her breath comes out in huge gusts that stir the hair of the unconscious ones.

    She walks out into a sudden rain storm.]




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