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    Stardust & DarkAngel – (Chapter: 7B)

    “Oh my god, Spencer that’s so horrible!” I put my hand over her heart.

    “What?” She looks at me startled. -Her heart is pounding under my hand.-

    “I saw it Spence. I saw it.” -Her flashback. In my head.-

    “That-that’s really creepy…” She shudders.

    “Calm down babe.You’re all worked up.” I kiss her collar bone.

    “That’s not gonna help. At least not help me get unworked.” She shifts under me.

    “Let me take your mind away from it…” I bite her neck, growl.

    “Ash…” She whines but I know she liked it.

    “Alright. I know just what you need.” I call down for Spencer to get a massage, full body.

    “I don’t know Ash. I don’t really want a stranger touching me, not naked, not with you in the room or even without you in the room to watch and make sure they don’t try to cop a feel.” She rambles. -Oy, a massage even stresses her out.-

    “I’ll do it then. I’ll tell them to just leave the table and the oil.” She half nods.

    Spencer strips and lays out on the table. -Look at that nice tight ass…-

    “You ready baby?” She grumbles about being naked. I just pour a little oil into my hand and start at her calves. Work my way up, over her ass, to her back and shoulders. I rub the oil into her shoulders with my fingers tips feeling carefully for the knots. I see my nail marks from last night, gashes. But other than that, perfect. My shoulders are scarred…

    [Seventeen year old Ashley stands on the roof. She is sick of her life. She looks over the edge in the dark at the manicured grass below. She takes a breath and jumps…

    Half way down wings break through her back and spread catching the air and sending her upward. They’re auburn and red with gray speckles, about 12 feet across. As she flew more and learned to control her powers she could exert power over her transformations. She pumps her wings hard and then coasts on an air current.

    She flies out into the night, doing spirals, loops, dives. Just turning tricks, going low to fly over the houses and trees.

    Then suddenly…

    A gust of wind almost knocks her backwards, upside down. Rain pours down, soaking her clothes and hair, weighing her down.

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