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    Ya Never Know… – (Chapter: 5)

    Ya Never Know…  pt. 5


                “How can you eat all of that?”  Ray asked Neela, digging into a plate of noodles, Neela spun the center table, and Robbi grabbed a chicken wing as it moved away.  Robbi had ordered just about everything on the menu, claiming she didn’t remember half of the dishes.


                “It is easy Ray.  I’m famished.”  Neela retorted, “I’m a growing girl and need my nourishment.  You certainly never do any groceries.”  The easy conversation had been going on for a better part of an hour, Ray having told them about his younger years as a rock god wanna be.  Neela had told stories of her younger siblings.  Abby had told a cute story about her brother getting lost as a kid, in their back yard of all places.


                “Abby why don’t you drink it’s just something I noticed tonight?”  Robbi asked her with a mouthful of chicken.  Abby moved around uncomfortably.  Neela sipped the cold beer and Ray let his eyebrows rise.


                “I’m an alcoholic.  My mother is a mental case and so is my brother.  I have a happy family of degenerates.”  Quipped the doctor and Robbi nodded knowingly.


                “I figured as much.  No Château Margaux 1995 for you.  Robbi sipped the cold soda, “Neela?”


                “Yes?”  Neela said to her with her dark eyes wide, and Ray waited knowing something was coming.  There was a way about Robbi that was disarming and she had a way of making you just be honest.  Ray liked it.


                “Could you kindly tell me why Dr. Lockhart invited Dr. Weaver tonight?”  Ray raised his glass to Robbi and toasted her.


                “To the woman with balls.”  Ray then paused, “Even if they are attached to a strap on…”  Abby groaned her match making needed work.  More stealth was obviously needed; maybe locking them in a closet together was a better idea.  Then a vision of being locked in the closet with Ro shifted into her mind instead of Kerry being there it was herself.  She didn’t like it.


                “To the man with answers, do tell what Abby was up too?”  Robbi said in a mimicking voice, matching Neela’s accent perfectly.  Ray leaned over and said.

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