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    Ya Never Know… – (Chapter: 6)

    Ya Never Know… pt. 6




                “Abby?  Are you wearing the same clothes as you were last night?  Are you sodding telling me you hooked up with someone last night after you dropped me off?”  Neela asked her and Abby gave her a cynical grin.  Neela watched her reaction and waited for an answer, her hands on her hips.  Abby thought she looked gorgeous when she was angry.  Then Abby squelched the thought, what was with her checking out women lately?  Abby stopped in mid-stride and wondered where her sudden interest in how women looked?  This had never happened before; she pulled her eyes away from Neela to shut the dumb thoughts out of her mind.


                “Yes Neela, I am wearing the same clothes, and no I didn’t hook up with anyone.  That word doesn’t sound right coming from your lips by the way.”  Abby finally answered as Archie Morris grabbed them both by the arm and pulled them off to the side of the desk.


                “What do you want?”  Abby grumbled and Neela gave her a warning glare.  They may not like Archie but he was Chief Resident and they needed to start acting as if he was their Chief Resident. 


                “I’ve been trying to gather up the courage to ask Robbi out and I heard you guys spent some time with her last night…”  He shuffled his feet nervously and wrung his hands.  Neela’s dark coal eyes went wide Abby’s eyebrows shot up, she casually slung an arm around Morris’ waist and turned him back towards the board.


                “You know Morris,” She paused for effect, “I think you should go for it.”  Abby said with a reassuring smile while Neela’s jaw dropped.  She put her hands up in the air and began to wave them at Abby mouthing the word ‘NO.  Abby wasn’t listening.  She was facing Morris with an honest smile on her face.


                “Yeah?  Yeah.  I will.”  The red-haired doctor walked off with confidence in his step.


                “Abby!  Why in the world did you do that?”  Abby laughed grabbing a chart on a child with shortness of breath. 


                “That was some sweet revenge for having to deal with Morris on a day in and day out basis.”  Abby offered.

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