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    A Different L: Episode 7 Part 3

    Sunday Morning has a different tone from the other ones. There is a different feeling to it. There are those sleeping in and there are those waking up for reasons not necessarily involving their usual weekday plans. Even the music on the radio can sound different. The content on television can look different. The day-to-day seems to veer in another direction on Sunday mornings. The Sun is up over Los Angeles, helping wake those who want it. Among those awaking is Speedy, on top of the same roof she had been just hours earlier, witnessing a confrontation between Green Arrow and White Canary.

    She is Green Arrow’s brother and White Canary’s friend and ally. She feels thrust into the middle of a struggle that does not directly involve her. Nearby was her earpiece, smashed into smithereens. She was tired of the possibility of having someone in her ear. She just wanted to rest. Thea just wanted to quit. She opens her eyes to the sight of two women leaning against a wall with a door back down into the building itself. One is in a dress, but her legs are covered by a small black leather jacket. The jacket belongs to the woman the one in the dress is snuggled against.

    Jessica looks over at Felicity resting against her left shoulder, the jacket covering her legs and Felicity’s heel shoes placed off to the side. She then sees Speedy’s eyes opening. Jessica nudges her girlfriend awake.

    Jessica: Hey, she’s waking up.

    Felicity: Hmm?

    Felicity’s eyes open. She is still piecing together how she and Jessica wound up on a roof instead of Jessica’s apartment. Jessica stands to her feet and helps Felicity up as well. Felicity stares at the heels and contemplates just carrying them instead while Jessica approaches Speedy, who stretches her arms and begins to stand.

    Jessica: Caitlin got a call while she was in the middle of trying to enjoy herself for once. I told her I’d handle it. Why the hell are you sleeping on top of a building?

    She sees the woman who broke up her brother’s relationship. She looks over and sees the woman who broke her brother’s heart. Her voice becomes bitter.

    Speedy: What do you two want?

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    1. The fallout is getting bigger and once allies now enemies.Everybody just needs to stay out of it.FELICITY wants to be with JESSICA. Come clean DAISY or you might lose your girl,a super one at that. THEA almost but didn’t stop her brother from his attack on the thief yet quickly places the blame on the two that broke his heart.Something gotta give or explode but what or who?Thanks,ps

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