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    A Different L: Episode 7 Part 4

    “I know you’re in there. Open the door before I do!”

    He can hear her through the walls. He does not care. He continues to drink from his bottle of beer while seated quietly on the sofa. He will make her lose her nerve. The door is locked, but it matters not to Kara or her powers as she forces it open.

    Kara: You have the nerve to break into my girlfriend’s apartment and break stuff???

    Oliver: I confronted her about that Chart. Surprised you didn’t say something to me sooner.

    Kara: Oh, I’ve already dropped by John and Lyla’s place. I said hi to their precious little baby and I smiled and I was polite. I very politely let them know that next time either of them decides to start something with Daisy, I’ll be the one who finishes it. But that whole thing happened, because of you.

    Oliver: That whole thing happened, because someone planted a name. It wasn’t even Daisy who did it. I realize after the fact that she had been set up, by SHIELD.

    Kara: And you can’t even bring yourself to apologize.

    Oliver: Did John?

    Kara: Over the phone, asking for forgiveness. Then Lyla and Daisy talked over the phone. They were still talking when I left. One of the reasons I don’t plan on hurting either of you is because of Daisy. She finally told me the truth about what happened to her computer. I should fly you in the air and threaten to drop you. Or maybe take you by the neck and toss you across the house.

    He just sits there, drinking.

    Oliver: I’m not apologizing.

    Kara: For breaking into her home??? For breaking her stuff???

    Oliver: Or for John knocking her out. No.

    Kara is superhuman compared to Oliver. She could easily kill him. She was raised better than to be like that. That is not her way of handling things. Part of her still would not mind breaking him a little, but seeing him on the sofa makes him appear to be broken already.

    Kara: …What happened to you?

    Oliver finally turns his attention to Kara.

    Oliver: The hell do you think happened?

    Kara: You became paranoid. Then you had a breakup-

    Oliver stands, beer bottle in hand.

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    1. Everyone seems to have an opinion,yet the choice of who is with whom has already been decided.GREEN ARROW can not accept that he has lost,he is becoming a loose cannon.Great payback KARA with the tv.SPIVOT is watching be careful SUPERGIRL or your double life will be made public.CHLOE/RENEE possible but too early to tell yet.THANKS,ps.

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