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    Chapter 24 – Angie Leaves for New Haven

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 24 – Angie Leaves for New Haven

    The next morning Bette and Tina awakened and got up about 7:00 am. They showered and dressed for the day. They would skip the morning swim as they had things they wanted to do to prepare for Angie and Suzanne’s departure in the early afternoon.

    Tina went and began the lunch. She decided that she would prepare salmon for lunch rather than the a rerun of the Thanksgiving dinner. Tina had prepared microwaveable plates of the Thanksgiving dinner and froze them so they could carry them to New Haven. Besides, Tina knew how much Angie loved seafood.

    Bette had called Jim to let him know that the girls would have had a heavy lunch prior to boarding the plane and therefore would not be eating on the plane. Jim said that he and Dot had planned a heavy lunch as well and agree that there was no need for heavy meal on the plane. Jim and Dot would find a place for breakfast once they were in New Haven after they delivered the girls to their dorm.

    Bette then began to pack the frozen meals Tina had prepared from the Thanksgiving leftovers. These would be packed in ice packs and could be heated up in the dorm room. Bette had asked Jim and Dot to help Angie and Suzanne get their box of supplies, food and luggage up to their dorm room. Since Jim and Dot were an older couple, they could more than likely get the rules bent enough to assist Angie and Suzanne.

    Angie and Suzanne were finishing up their laundry and packing their bags.  Daniel, Margaret and Mary went swimming.

    Bette: Tina, I’m going to need your help to maintain a cheerful outlook at least until the girls leave this afternoon.

    Tina:  I know what you mean.  They are not out the door and I am already missing Angie.

    Bette: We have had a good week, haven’t we?  I have enjoyed our baby girl being here.

    Tina:  Me too. Well, let’s get this done, so we can have a little time with her before they leave.

    Bette and Tina put the lunch on the table right at 12:30. The family was quiet but happy.

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      • I have not written that yet…. but I am thinking about it. It may take a few months…

        Thanks for reading and commenting. I enjoyed creating these characters and enriching Bette and Tina’s life with a little more dimension than the conflict and drama which the L Word and Gen Q presented. Life is really full of drama… but there is joy and times where you just want to enjoy your family and those you love. Maybe I have put forth a Bette and Tina who live a more idealistic life than real people. But I need some people in my life in which the universe blesses them with good fortune, success, companionship and love. And that makes me happy.

        The next chapter is the final episode for this series. If I write more of this Bette & Tina and family, it will be a new series. I would like to… but I do not know if I have enough story in me to continue… but we will see. Thank you…

          • Thank you… Tina’s painting career? I have a couple of thoughts about Tina’s painting career but they have not jelled yet. I am thinking that she might go into private commission work rather than producing for commercial purposes. Tina does not need the commercial success, but the personal satisfaction of producing something people love and want in their lives. I think she also wants to control her time and pressures to produce that comes with being in the art markets. My Tina has just begun to tap into her talent as an artist. But as in any profession, it can rob you of your personal life if you allow it to.

            I do think that getting Tina a studio which was separate from their home was a meaningful decision made by Bette and Tina. It fills so many of Tina’s needs – time for privacy and to separate her professional life from her family life. And the fact that its only 10 minutes from home makes think very convenient. Personally, I feel this revamping of their life and moving back to Los Angeles has been one of the best decision this couple has ever made. I believe this puts them into a perfect glide path into retirement, being grandparents and whatever.

            Thanks for reading…

    1. I think I have gotten a bit spoiled by your longer chapters, but this one was lovely as well. I have a feeling that great minds think alike and Mary will come up with a scheme as well as Bette and Tina to help Suzanne get through school as comfortably as possible. Since they can see that she is not a moocher and wants to work for what she gets they don’t feel bad about secretly giving her a hand. Post as soon as you can.

    2. Thanks for reading… I will probably post on Friday… You know, there are days in Bette and Tina’s life which are meaningful but just not as full of activities as others. I felt this was a day that the family would retreat into their individual rooms to regroup for the up coming week.

      Suzanne will never know that her additional aid is coming from Bette & Tina. Neither will Angie. Suzanne will get the funds and have full discretion on what she does with the money. I think it is important to both Angie and Suzanne never to know where the money is from. That way, the source of the funds will never influence either of their decisions relating to their relationship with each other or their relationship with Bette & Tina. As to Mary? I have a little something instore for Mary in the next chapter.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting.

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