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     Chapter 23 – The Wedding

     Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

     Chapter 23 – The Wedding

    It was Saturday and the entire household slept in. Bette, Tina, Mary and Margaret made it to the kitchen to start the coffee about 8:30.  Margaret said that it was her plan just to do an overall inspection of the garden to be sure that all the plants had the appropriate amount of water and that there were no problems which could not wait until the following Saturday.

    Margaret:  Bette and Tina, I want to thank you for including me on your family adventure yesterday.  I don’t remember having such a fun day. That day will be in my memory forever.

    Mary:  Yes, I don’t remember when I have laughed and just enjoyed a day so much. I do not think that I knew such places existed.

    Tina:  Well, you guys stick around, because we are going to have a few more adventures which I believe we are going to enjoy just as much. They may not be just like this one, but they will hopefully be just a memorable.

    Mary: You know, I believe you are right. We have Yellowstone and Scotland coming up.

    Bette:  We need to get started on breakfast. And we need to get John David home so we can start to get ready for this wedding this afternoon.

    Tina: Why don’t we have French Toast this morning. We can have blue berries and strawberries and bacon.  Maybe we can have a swim just before lunch, then lunch and then a nap and they be get ready for this wedding. Bette, you and I need to be at the Gallery and Jeanette’s at 3:30. Mary, you and the rest of the family need to be at the Gallery at about 4:45.

    Bette: Our time is cutting it a bit close, isn’t it?

    Tina: Jeanette says that she and Paris will have their hair and make up finished by the time we get there. Our job is basically to help with the dress and to calm the nerves before show time.

    Bette: Is alcohol allowed?

    Tina: Yes, provided they are still functioning when they walk down the aisle. I recommend that you limit the amount the brides consume. The last thing they want is to be intoxicated when they are saying their vows. It’s a not a good look and not a good start to the future.

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