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    A few extra scenes from some random episode…I don’t remember which one…Season 5?

    ”What do I do wrong, Tee?” Bette asked. ”What do I do?”

    ”You don’t do anything wrong,” Tina replied. She ran her hand over Bette’s back in an attempt to comfort her.

    ”No I mean it, why is it so fucking hard to be in a relationship with me?”

    Tina looked at her without speaking. Bette didn’t truly need to be told. She must know what she did. How she treated people. Until you were gone – only then did it seem as though she wanted you back.

    ”Just tell me everything I did to make you run from me,” Bette implored. ”I’m begging you. Please.”

    Tina was obviously struggling with Bette’s request. She finally summarized Bette’s shortcomings with a simple phrase.

    ”You’re a control freak.”

    Bette reacted as Tina expected her to – with contempt. She didn’t even dignify Tina’s assessment with a verbal response. She rolled her eyes and laughed derisively.

    ”What? You are!” Tina insisted.

    ”So? That’s fucking ridiculous,” Bette relented. ”Everybody’s a control freak sometimes. That’s what you have to do to get things done.”

    ”Yeah, but you think your things are more important than everyone else’s,” Tina continued. ”And that’s really hard when you’re in a relationship. When your work, your needs, your ideas are always right; always on a higher plane. You’re more enlightened, you’re more informed, you’re more intuitive…”

    ”God, it must’ve been hideous – I’m sorry.” Bette bowed her head in apology. ”I’m sorry.”

    ”I’d take it over the safe, boring man I’ve been seeing any day,” Tina replied. She reached to tuck some hair behind Bette’s ear. Her hand lingered.

    ”You would?” Bette turned to look right at Tina as she asked.

    ”You met your match,” Tina said. ”I think you met your match in Jodi. She’s as strong as you are. It’s up to you. Can you handle it?”

    ”I met my match in you,” Bette replied. ”But I managed to fuck that up too.”

    ”We’ve made our way back to friendship,” Tina said. ”And in some ways it’s stronger than our relationship was. You treat your friends better than you treat your lovers.”

    ”It’s easier for me to talk to my friends than it is to talk to someone I’m in a relationship with,” Bette said. ”Maybe that’s one of the reasons we get along better now.”

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    1. I like a lot your story; I think is a much improved version of a scene from episode 4-12. I was missing your wonderful narrative, like reunion, reflections, a second chance at forever and many others; I wish you could write more often and longer stories. Thanks for posting and please give us a chance to enjoy more of your creativity. PPS

    2. Hi, jks! :) So happy you posted another lovely snippet. Many thanks for this and the two previous ones that you shared with us recently. I’ve been meaning to thank you and post a comment since you resurfaced. I didn’t know how much I’ve missed your lovely, heartwarming, well-written version of Tee & Bette until I read your recent posts. Reading your stories, new and archived alike, is such a treat, jks. Reading them is like a warm hug and having coffee and fun conversation again with a good, quirky friend you haven’t seen for years. It’s like the Dory-Destiny reunion after being oceans and years and years apart. Sorry, I had to bring up Dory. What a pleasant surprise, what a thrill for us to read new jks stories at around the same time the lovable, forgetful Dory swam back into our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, jks! :) Remember, there’s always another way and just keep swimming! :)

      • My dear mighty mouse! How I always appreciate your intriguing commentary – I was wondering if you’d disappeared. I’m as forgetful as Dory sometimes, but my return is, dare I say, inevitable? Great swaths of time may lapse between visits, but I’ll get back eventually.

    3. Love your takes on the show’s mediocre storytelling. I too have lots of ideas about undeveloped scenes that I have half written. It’s frustrating, but then again, I suppose that’s what FF is for, am I right? Hope to see more from you again very soon. And still trying to figure out what other name you have posted under here since I’ve read all your stories (and loved each one)!

      • Indeed, fan fiction gives at least the writer of the story what they wanted to happen – or perhaps a different take on what happened. The story I just posted might be one you haven’t seen before. It has the same beginning as one that was under my usual name, but I veered quite off the path to a completely different approach. Anything that was once listed under another author’s name will get (or has been ) posted under the usual name I write under. It’s funny to me how often I get a negative reaction with the stories I posted as ‘someone else’. Thanks for commenting!

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