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    A Hot Cuppa : Chapter 1

    “A hot Cuppa”

    Bette is sitting on the couch having a cuppa after a long day at work.

    Tina walks in the door and as she enters the living room she immediately notices the cup of coffee on the side table.

    Her eyes meet Bette’s hungry gaze as Bette turns around. Seeing the smoldering look Tina couldn’t help but let out a gasp and feel her heart rate rising….’this is it…she thinks I’m done for. I won’t be coming up for air until the sun rises if at all.’

    She mentally braces herself as Bette rises from the couch and slowly prowls towards her prey. The smirk on Bette’s face prompts Tina to straighten up and hold eye contact but inside she is melting into a puddle.

    As Bette finally comes to stand in front of her, Tina can feel herself shaking. The brownish red glow of Bette’s eyes is hypnotizing and Tina is ready to do anything, to experience the high that is inevitable.

    “Well hello there” Bette greets her in that sexy rasp.

    “H.hi..” she breathes out

    “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”


    “That you wanna order in Thai tonight?” Bette smirks as Tina eyes cloud over with confusion.


    “Weren’t you thinking of ordering your favorite hot and spicy menu for dinner tonight? I gathered as much by the way you are looking right now”


    Bette laughs out loud as she notices the eyebrow rising.

    “You know don’t you…” The smoldering look is back.

    “Yes..come here”

    “Oh Tee..” Bette lunges at Tina and captures those soft pink lips in a heated kiss. She doesn’t want to let go ever. She massages the soft lips this way and that way, tilting her head to plunge her tongue deep into Tina’s mouth so she can taste the sweetness there.

    She can never get enough.

    She has to remind herself to give an inch once in a while and let Tina take a breath before resuming the onslaught.

    She pulls back and peppers soft kisses along Tina’s jaw. As she reaches Tina’s ear she takes the soft lobe in her mouth sucks on it hungrily.

    A loud moan reaches her ears as she feels Tina’s hands tangle into her hair and pull her closer still. She can feel the sizzle of this erotic energy around them.

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    1. Hey Tanishaa,

      Welcome back!

      What a hot cuppa can do to Bette!!! And Tina loved it!

      A very good mix between hot loving and humour and declaration of love from Bette to Tina! Well done!

      Look forward to read more!

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