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    A New Kind of Struggle Chapter 5

    Tina looked down as she thought and noticed the time was off on her watch.  She furrowed her brows and adjusted the hands.  God she loved this woman, because she knew, bottom line, she meant just that.  She was worried about her safety.   ”I know, I am on a plane tomorrow.”


    Tina watched the familiar yet unfamiliar landscape of Los Angeles as her driver traveled down an empty 110 Freeway heading towards Silver Lake.  She told Bette she would be very late and not to wait up or bother picking her up.  One of the perks of her new position was having a driver on call.  Bette had been telling her over the last few days how California, especially Los Angeles was handling the Pandemic, but she was still surprised by the slowdown of the city.  Los Angeles was fast paced and if you waited too long you got left behind.  This was probably the biggest adjustment she had to make when she first moved to Los Angeles over 20 years ago.  She would have never believed there was anything that could slow down Los Angeles, let alone for a week.  Who would have ever thought the world could be shut down, but here she was moving through one of the biggest cities in the United States that had effectively been brought to a halt.  The driver turned the corner and Tina could see that Bette had left the light on.  Of course she did, Tina thought as the driver pulled up to the gate.  She thanked the driver and gave him a large tip after he placed her two pieces of luggage and five boxes of books just inside the gate.  It was his job, but it was late and they were in a Pandemic.  A little extra was very appropriate, she thought. She looked up at the house, then grabbed one of the suitcases and headed towards the front door.  As she reached the entryway, the door opened.  There stood Bette with a hesitant smile and water rimmed eyes.  She gave her a tired smile back as Bette approached her with opened arms.  She sunk into the comfort of Bette’s arms with exhaustion. 

    Bette for her part, just stood there holding Tina with a sense of relief that she was finally home.  Bette pulled back just far enough to give Tina a sweet kiss. She could see Tina’s exhaustion.  Tina’s heart skipped as she felt a sense of balance with Bette’s gentle release.  She couldn’t fight the tears that began to well in her eyes as she watched Bette without emotion or feeling head towards the gate to get Tina’s things grabbing a tarp from an outside storage bin along the way.  Tina turned towards the house and could hear Bette’s feet crunch on the gravel path.  She approached the door with her suitcase and entered their home with a tired sigh. She sat the case inside the door as she turned just in time to catch Bette secure the gate and throw the tarp over the five boxes.  Tina followed Bette with her eyes as Bette walked back with the other suitcase.  She came through the door placing it next to the other.  She paused studying Tina for a second.  Bette let out a long breath as if she had been holding it for a long time and then reached out for Tina’s hand that was already there waiting for her to grasp it. No words were exchanged on this odd home coming. Just a sense of relief that both women felt knowing that in this time of uncertainty, the other was safe and that their family was together.


    1. Thank you for the new chapter of your story!

      Yeah, seems it’s not all too good in Tibette’s family. Plus what about Bette’s headache – is it some brain disease?

      And the part about Bette and Kelly – seems Bette’s anger is a bit too much for only the past story, no? Maybe they had a story about which we still know nothing?

      • S

        Trying my best to post, but my schedule has made it challenging. I am also finding this story challenging me more as a writer maybe because now I have to juggle multiple things along with writing the story. Anyways hang in there I have many chapter drafts already written. Hopefully it won’t take as long to post them.


    2. Hey SK,

      Great update.

      Good talk with Angie & Tina.

      Looks like there is a lot to unload between Bette & Tina. Jeepers!!!

      What’s going on with Bette’s headaches?????
      Covid????? But she should have other symptoms right???

      Kelly is a first class Super Bitch & I hope Bette finally takes her down for good this time!

      Great write & the emotions were spot on in this chapter.

      Thanks so much & awaiting your next update.

      • C

        Capturing just the write emotions is always a challenge. So easy to go over the top or shy of what would be realistic.

        It is definitely proving to be an interesting situation our girls are finding themselves in these days.

        They don’t even have an idea that COVID will last a year. Yikes. If we had only known.


    3. Great update!

      And still so many questions that need to be answered! Looks that Tina still has no clue or maybe a glimpse in how hurt Bette was at that time and how she still is hurt about that time their relationship ended in a divorce and what that bitch Kelly did to Bette. I really hope they will talk about this soon to clear the air and move on so they can rebuild their relationship without this looming to bite them in the ass in the future and that they will work together to get rid of Kelly for once and all.

      Good talk between Tina and Angie.

      I am worried about Bette’s headaches, are they because all of the stress or is there more to it?

      Thanks for the update!

    4. I went back and reread your entire first story. Bette and Tina had made huge leaps toward reconciliation by learning to speak and listen to one another about issues and problems. They had learned how to support one another even when one was saying, no, I can do this alone. Tina made arrangements to leave the film site in Spain to be with Bette when she found out what she did about her mother. Tina had volunteered twice but Bette had refused. It was Peggy who told her to disregard what Bette was saying as Bette’s mom was a major issue in Bette’s life. Bette needed Tina and Tina helped her get through it.

      Now, Bette has been dealing with local happening of Covid, the shut down of her buisness world wide, the fear and upset Angie is going through with her friend and also the worry of Tina potentially being stranded in New York City due to quarantine restrictions. And now Angie is telling Tina that Bette has been sufferings from headaches for several days. I have no problem with the way Tina is handling the Kelly meeting. Bette obviously has issues with Kelly and announced she was not ready to discuss them yet. Tina should honor that request. There will be a more appropriate moment to get more information later. After all they are restricted to the house for several days into the future.

      Tina’s number one priority should be Bette’s headaches. What is the source and what can she do to remedy the problem?

      The second priority should be a plan on how to handle the quarantine. They will all need some alone time as well as some family type time together. They will need to decide how they will be getting their food and how to keep up with jobs and school for as long as the quarantine. They will want to get some exercise and fresh air from time to time. This is an entirely new environment they are in and they need to set some rule so they won’t drive each other crazy and can get through it without causing a another breakup. And Shane needs to be in on these discussions as well – shared responsibilities, respecting quiet time and sleep schedules and following health guidelines will give them all some confidence in their safety.

      I am like SassyGran…. I find the chapters lack the completeness which your previous story had. I am a little concerned that Bette and Tina have not remembered their therapy lessons and their real life lessons they have just gone through to get to a reconciliation. I would hate for all that work to result in some kind of dispute which would give them troubles in their relationship. Just working out the day to day stuff is going to a challenge without having to rehash the past one more time. They have already been through and acknowledged that Tina was not available when Bette needed her. This Kelly thing looks like a repeat of the same old issue. Time to get over that….forgive Tina and move forward. Attack the problems as a team….. support each other now…that will strengthen their relationship.

      Thanks for the chapter….

    5. Martha

      Always love how you dissect a story.

      Our girls never seem to have the easy way of it. Wadded through a ton of stuff to reconcile, still trying to put things back together and whammy COVID and then Kelly.

      We all hope we make the correct changes but often find ourselves falling into old behaviors especially in a crisis situation.

      Bette and Tina are more mature and have a great deal of therapy under their belts. COVID will challenge them in ways never foreseen and Kelly will provide an opportunity that both need to move their relationship forward and make them stronger.

      Thanks for the comment and the support. It will be a slow role out, but I promise a fun and thought provoking ride.


    6. Thanks for a very interesting chapter.

      I was on edge waiting for Tina to get to Los Angeles. And loved the scene with Tina and Angie.

      Looking forward to see how this story unfolds. Tina will have to be the strong one I think. I hope Bette’s headaches are just from stress.

      Best line – “what is this thing about toilet paper” We can all relate…

      • This made me laugh too! I was so confident that the virus would be over in a couple weeks and found myself toilet paper less! Did you know there was actually an app created that told users where the toilet paper was in stock? Good times.
        Good story, Super K! Love how you write Tina and Angie and glad she got on that plane!
        Looking forward to more

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