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    Dark Times Are Coming Chapter 4

    Throughout the morning, Bette thought about the situation with Alice.  She usually could sense when Alice needed help, but lately she had to admit she had not been paying attention.  Bette had attempted to contact Alice several times but it never seemed to be a good time to talk.  The more she thought about what Shane had said at dinner, the more she worried.  Alice was family, Dana was family and the loss of Dana impacted everyone, but Alice was broken by her friend’s untimely death.  Tasha coming into her life really seemed to help, but Tasha is gone now too. Nat being a therapist gave her an a unique level of empathy and understanding of the complexities of grief, but Dana had been gone over a decade by the time Alice met Nat.  To everyone’s surprise, Alice chose to process her grief alone and she had not finished mourning the loss even after all these years.  Grief is a weird thing and Bette knew this from experience.  By the time she got into her car, Bette had decided she was going to push.  ”Alice,” she said into the Bluetooth speaker as she shifted the car in reverse and pulled out of the driveway.

    ”Hey, sorry I haven’t called back,” Alice said as a horn honked in the background.  ”Learn to drive,” she yelled.  ”Sorry, not you.  What’s up?”

    Bette smiled as she listened to the antics of Alice behind the wheel.  ”I was hoping we could…”

    ”Fuck, there’s never anywhere to park.  Sorry, what?”

    ”Umm,” Bette paused, thinking fast.  ”Are you ok?”  Bette wasn’t sure this was the best approach, but what the hell.  It was clear Alice had a lot going on and there would never be an ideal time to talk.

    ”Yeah, I’m just driving in the jungle of LA.  Are you Ok?  Tina isn’t back yet, right?” Alice said sounding distracted.

    ”No, she doesn’t get back till next week. She is staying a bit longer than expected.”  This conversation was turning away from what she wanted to talk about.  She had Alice on the phone, Bette reminded herself, so she persisted.  ”You just didn’t seem your normal self when we last saw each other.”  Bette cringed at the way she sounded.

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    1. How does Kelly know what she thinks she knows? Is this really the reasons Tina left Bette? Strange…. How does Kelly know Levinsky? There has been no indication that Kelly had any contact with Laura Morgan since her Yale days. Why would Levinsky discuss the request for Laura’s books with just a casual friend. This is a woman who is in the education field where privacy and its protection is the prime directive of the institution.

      How long does it take to shut down a studio or a gallery? Don’t they shut down every evening and every weekend and leave ? Get what you can to work at home and go…. lock the door and communicate by phone, text or email. Half the folks are home sick according to prior chapters so, not much can be done except to prepare to go home.

      Tina’s thought about “how would it look” makes me think about Captain Smith on the Titanic. The objective is to save people from getting sick….everything else can wait. Staying on the job to do a little more will not accomplish that. Tina is dealing with something which is beyond her control. Do what is best to keep your people safe. Same goes for Dani. Of course, we do not know who made the decision to shut down the New York gallery or the European galleries. Is Dani making an executive decision or has she consulted with Bette and received her marching orders from her? She did talk to Bette and James about the books from Laura Morgan…. that was smart.

      This is an interesting story…. but this Kelly thing is irritating. She’s too involved for my taste in Bette’s buisness. If I were Bette or Tina, I’d make a call to Peggy and get this woman a one way ticket to the Caribbean and then make sure she was found breaking the law so the local police could deal with her for a few years. She would soon learn what over the top really meant. She would be an old woman by the time she back to New York.

      Sorry you had so much trouble posting…. hope things are repaired now.

      Oh, and if these were the reason Tina divorced Bette as Kelly espoused, I find that weird that she would want Bette back. Those are things that attracted her and what she lived with for years and then divorced her over and now wants her back as if she could change who she is. I call that insanity. People have a difficult time changing who they are. She either loves Bette for who she is and accepts her for who she is or she needs to give it up and find a better life. Everyone has faults and idiosyncrasies – Bette and Tina have their own. Learn to live with them or go on your separate ways. Personally, I think they are so much better together than apart. I think that the faults each of them have can be overcome and lived with with better communication. But that’s just my thought.

      Love to see more of this story…..

    2. Hey SK,

      Agree with Martha about the Kelly thing – SHE”s over the top & a pure menace to everyone. She’s dangerous & can’t be trusted to put out the trash. And how DOES she know all this stuff – it’s been 5 years according to Tina since they’ve seen each other & probably that long since Bette & Kelly were in business together.

      I understand Bette’s concern for her family & this new disease – look what we have all been through in the past year plus. So it sees that James has contracted Covid – could Julie be next?

      What’s with Bette & the headaches? – Stress or Covid symptom?

      And Tina – you have the books now – get the hell back to LA & your family. People are dying – this Covid is no joke. Protect your team/staff & tend to your family.

      Think we all agree that Tibette is much better together than on their own. Yes, they have faults, but who doesn’t? Now the question is can they cope & deal with being on the ‘same page’? Love has never been the problem – as Martha stated – communication is key. Hope & pray they can achieve that ASAP & for the long haul.

      Thanks for the update.

      Looking forward for more to come our way!!

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      Yeah, very interesting spat between Tina and Kelly even if i still don’t know the reason for that.
      And yeah, seems Bette’s headpain could be COVID symptoms? But maybe not, because she already had it for quite long without any other symptoms.

    4. Zhenya

      Kelly is just a sociopath who hates Bette because she is jealous of her. Kelly ambushes Tina at the professor’s office. Kelly wants to know what Bette knows because Kelly is vindictive. She will take any opportunity to screw with Bette.


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