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    A New York New Year

    Why was it so hard to say how scared she was?

    How did we get here, to a point where the word divorce is even in the vocabulary as an option? How did our main mode of communication be words that hurt? Words that had a costly emotional price tag? And now, once again, Tina too far away for a real conversation to take place, for real open communication to bring them closer.

    The door opened and Angie climbed in the backseat, sullen, not making eye contact, already bored with her mother. Over the headrest, she waved an envelope in the air, Bette taking it as the car behind them honked for her to get moving.

    “What’s this, Angel? Tell me what it is while I’m driving, please… “

    “Don’t call me that, Mother. My name is Angelica.”

    Merging into traffic, Bette sighed. “I have to stop by the store Angelica. I thought we could have picadillo for dinner tonight Angelica… sound good?”

    Angie smiled into her phone, taking a selfie, ignoring her mother.

    “What’s this… huh? Angelica?” Bette waved the envelope again, the car picking up speed. “Hello… darling daughter… please answer me when I am asking something of you. What is this?”

    “Dunno. Ms. Thomas said it’s important, you and Mama Tee need to sign it…”

    “Mrs. Thomas? As in The Headmaster Mrs. Thomas? Angie, put your phone down when I am speaking to you, please. Are you telling me the Headmaster at your school needs us to sign this document?”

    “I guess so…”

    Well fuck me, Bette thought… her mind racing back to one of the latest arguments between her and Tina. Angie’s falling grades, the sassiness growing, her peer group concerning. Tina wanted her out of the expensive private school, rationalizing that the kids who went there were spoiled, ungrateful brats. Bette wanted Angie to stay, the school was elite, after all, and had a 98% acceptance rate to all the top ten colleges in the country. She is responsible for her own behavior she reasoned; we can’t keep blaming the environment.

    “You’re sound like Melvin…” Tina threw at the brunette in anger, rolling her eyes.

    “You’re in denial like always…” Bette retorted, and they were off, a circular argument with no resolution to date.


    1. BK,

      And laying his finger aside of his nose, And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose. Yes, Nick reminds me of someone. Suspenders, the laugh. I half expected Tina to look over and find a cookie but no Nick. But we know that Nick is meant to meet Tina at this day and at this time and with this message. Tina wants to go home. All she needed was a little nudge. Bette wants Tina to come home. She just needs to get out of her own way and let Tina in. You can’t keep an eternal love down. Not for long. Ultimately, I guess Nick is whoever or whatever we need him to be. For sure, Nick helps point Tina in the direction she really wants to go: Home to her Bette. As fast as possible.

      Life got in the way. And loss. Both ultimately realizing how much they love and need and cannot live without the other. Tina realizing that all of the money and power and success in the world without Bette is meaningless. Bette realizing that she is hurting and grieving and the only way to truly heal is to share her grief with Tina. And that means opening her heart. Talking. Sharing. Communicating. There is no blame. It all washes away in the power of their love. In the magnitude of the purple days!!! There is fear and a lot to work through. But there is literally nothing the other cannot and will not forgive. The ultimate question? Is either one better off without the other? The answer? Not in this or any other lifetime. As we always come away with based upon your beautiful descriptive writing of their interactions. And I imagine Angie will benefit greatly as our couple share that love with their daughter.

      Thank you for this excellent New Year’s chapter. I suspect Peggy just might be an elf! She’s so in their corner. Bette and Tina have got so much love in their lives. I’m going to regard this story as good luck for the New Year. And a sign of good things to come for our couple. “This I promise. I hereby bring back purple passion days, minimum frequency five times a week…” Here’s to a return of the purple passion days for our beloved Bette and Tina. Are you paying attention, Marja? Happy New Year!

    2. Nice story….

      Why is it that when problems occur, our first reaction is to suppress acknowledging it, then to avoid confrontation, and be defensive and then run whenever possible to keep from getting it resolved.

      Bette going through a grieving process which she does not share with Tina. Tina putting work ahead of her family. And that includes trips which are on the other side of the world and mean much time away from her family and particularly during the holidays. Both know there are huge problems in their relationship and both begin to make moves to repair it. Bette begins to deal with the room and the things which were to be apart of this baby’s life and Tina decides to return home in time for the New Year’s party at Peggy’s.

      Nick appears on the journey home for Tina to remind her that time is a precious commodity and that relationships take both time and effort to reap the joy which comes from a loving family. The story ends with a renewed commitment between Bette and Tina to work toward resolving their problems and that their love for one another is just as strong as ever.

      Thanks for the story…. Happy New Year.

      • Martha
        Thank you for taking time to comment! You are exactly right – the first instinct is to suppress acknowledging a problem then avoid talking about it or be defensive. Sums up our favorite couple very well, I think. I like that you said “time is a precious commodity”. A good reminder as we wind down this strange year. Happy New Year !

    3. What a beautiful story !

      There is so much love between these two and we still don’t know how those people from GenQ dared to sell us a story like theirs. Such a shame !

      I agree with Billy Peggy must be an elf, always there when needed. And oh nice touch with the scene in the champagne room, a blast from the past …

      Thank you and Happy New Year.

    4. Hey BK,

      What a wonderful story!

      I was a little afraid and sad the first few pages but knowing you i knew you would make it all right with Tibette! And you delivered again, how i wish they would ask you to write a season three if it will be renewned, it would be the only reason i would watch it again!

      I too agree with Billy about Peggy being a elf, always there watching over our couple! I love Peggy, i want a Peggy in my life too!

      Thank you for this story! I hope you had a great Christmas!

      • Thank you Izzie! Glad you liked the nod to the champagne room and She-Bar kiss in reverse. I for one was hoping GenQ would use that in S2, imagine how great that would have been! Such an easy answer to get them moving in the right direction! Happy New Year to you as well, thank you for taking time to comment!

      • BiBi my friend, I was a little worried the chapter would turn people off if it was too sad. I wrote and rewrote it over and over to add touches of hope so I am glad you stuck with it! I hope you are hanging in there with all the virus increases and shutdowns. Stay safe my friend.

        • Too sad or not i will always read your story but i am happy you added touches of hope!

          I am hanging in there, lockdown again but i don’t mind it. My wife, dog and family are ok and that matters. Locked away in a cabin till the second of january to avoid the firework. We have fun and make the best of it.
          Stay safe and healthy my friend!

    5. BK,
      This is awesome. A beautiful, magical story. So many special moments –
      From Nick telling Tina of things she needed to be reminded of to Bette and Angel painting the baby’s room to Tina racing to be with Bette by midnight on New Year’s Eve – at that point I was cheering her on.

      The champagne room…by this point I was reading through tears, lol

      Especially loved the passages about their handholding, and this just says it all – “And their hands were the first touch they ever shared, when Bette placed an earring in Tina’s hand, closing her fingers over the item and using the grasp to pull the blonde closer for their first kiss.”

      I believe in the magic of Christmas and New Year’s Eve and of true love and the magic that is Bette & Tina.

      Omg, such great writing. Thank you for this great, special story! Happy New Year!

      • I was cheering Tina on too! Running through the streets with a light snowfall and Bette on the other end! One can dream, right Westy? I love watching their hands, they are always in sync (and I mean during TLW), sometimes just their fingertips touch and other times they hold hands. Makes me think of that scene in the hotel room when they are in the process of adopting and Bette just watches Tina’s hand in hers. So sweet.
        Thank you for your unwavering support and comments. Means the world to me!

    6. Just found this, BK! A lovely treat from you at Christmas. :-) Here’s a few thoughts…….

      “She was a storyteller at heart, the movie scripts and production an escape of sorts, a story that she had control over, a plot she could manipulate. It calmed her. To know the ending, to be prepared for any cliffhanger or shocking twist.” Yes, I think this is important. TLW S5 and S6 really showed us how much Tina’s career means to her and how good she is at her job, and with the NY move being for T’s career, it makes sense to examine this side of her.

      So sad to read about Bette giving birth and then losing a baby. Utterly shattering experience for anyone.

      “But deep down she thought Tina would love the changes, she thought Tina would smile that smile that had been missing of late, that smile that made the hazel eyes look like tide pools. And changing the room might make it easier to talk about what happened.” I like this, and I feel that the story convinces because neither of them has given up. Bette isn’t changing the room in preparation for Tina leaving, she’s doing it with the assumption she’s going to stay, and that’s presumably what Angie is intuiting as well. And Bette needs an ‘in’ to talk about what she’s been avoiding. Good stuff. One plot point with several functions. Neat!

      The dead phone battery is pure plot device and I love it!

      They needed to be together to say goodbye to this year, put it to bed like the troublesome child it was.

      “And run she did, at first a slow jog then faster as her muscles warmed and her anxiety took over. A long time runner, it felt good to challenge her body after all the sitting, to be in control of the next ten minutes. Taking the steps to the building two at a time, she made her way up the elevator, her heart in her throat, a wish on her heart, melting snowflakes in her hair.” I watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ a few days ago and I love this Capra-esque sequence! What I wouldn’t give to see Laurel do this.

      “The leather pants made her look part baller, part angel” – ha, great JB reference.

      Their reunion is, of course, beautiful. And we are left with no doubt that they are on the right track again.

      A lovely romantic NYC new year story. Thank you, BK. Happy new year to you when it comes!


      • Largo! Thank you so much
        I absolutely love your insight with this, you sum it up perfectly – “Bette isn’t changing the room in preparation for Tina leaving, she’s doing it with the assumption she’s going to stay, and that’s presumably what Angie is intuiting as well. And Bette needs an ‘in’ to talk about what she’s been avoiding”

        Neither one of them has given up! YES.
        And I agree, LH would nail a scene where she had to run to Bette!
        Hope you have a great New Year and that we have more coming from you with the REAL series or something new. I drop everything when I see that you posted.

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