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    A Storm is Brewing Chapter 2

    After finishing her bedtime routine, she stepped out of the En Suite and shut off the light. As she stood staring at the love of her life, she thought of the long road they traveled together to reconcile. Bette never saw their marriage as bad, she really never had the chance to evaluate it enough to decide. Tina hit her over the head with a divorce and then she was gone. Whether it was good or bad, Bette never stopped loving Tina. This had made it difficult for her to find her footing again and with the loss of Kit, it was even harder. At the time she had thought the pain from the loss and guilt from the failure would last forever, luckily she hadn’t had to find out. Bette’s refusal to let her love for Tina go helped them rediscover their bond. It was subtly different, but in a good way. From there and with a lot of help from each of their individual therapists, they found their way back to each other. With the second time around, they had come to an understanding that their relationship was more important than their careers. With some surprise to both of them, their careers managed to excel even though they took more time off for themselves and each other. 

    Bette continued to stare at the sleeping beauty in her bed. If Kelly was contacted or if Kelly contacted them in any manner about this investigation, Bette knew she was going to have to talk to Tina about her.  She let out a long breath deciding either way she was going to talk to her.  It was better to just put this out there along with everything else they were working through to strengthen their relationship.  Bette closed her tired eyes.  She hated bringing up the past, but also knew this issue should have already been aired out long ago.  Everything always seemed to go back to issues started in New York.  Bette opened her eyes feeling the fatigue throughout her body as she took a deep breath reaching back to remove the elastic from her hair. How was Tina going to take this was a big unknown, but this would just be another step towards strengthening the bond in their relationship.  She was brought out of thought by a soft sleepy voice.

    ”Baby… you okay?”

    ”Yeah, just getting ready to come to bed,” Bette said as she walked over and pulled back the covers.

    ”I had an interesting dream,” Tina said as her voice became more clear.

    ”Really,” Bette was intrigued by Tina’s comment raising her eyebrow as she laid on the bed and scooted herself across to snuggle up with Tina.

    ”Yeah, and… you were in it.” Tina smiled with a glint in her eye.

    That smile and those beautiful expressive hazel eyes always melted her heart, Bette thought, as a slow seductive smile came across her face. ”And what were we doing?”  Bette said in a low breathy voice. 

    Tina sat up, with a gentle push she moved Bette onto her back and rolled over straddling her.  She then leaned in laying her cheek against Bette’s letting her warm breath fill her ears.  ”Let me show you,” she said in a low sultry whisper.  Tina then pressed her soft full lips onto Bette’s.

    Bette could feel the soft skin moving against hers and the taste that was only Tina.  Bette eagerly opened her mouth groaning as she push her tongue between Tina’s lips, moved it across and around Tina’s welcoming tongue.

    Tina eased away hovering just a few inches.  She fluttered her eyes and fought the shallow breath that she let go. She then reached down and with a gentle move of her hand she brushed the side of Bette’s face. ”I love you.”

    A slow rising smile came to Bette’s face. She reached up and intertwined one of their hands. They were frozen in that moment.   Then the sexual energy overflowed between them. The dampness had grown between her legs and the moisture she felt against her thigh pushed them past the tender moment.  Bette felt Tina’s hand move to the small area between their bodies.  ”Must have been a good dream,” she said a bit breathless reaching up to Tina and locking lips once again.

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      Yeah, Bette definitely should told to Tina all about Kelly earlier, but we all know that Bette sometimes can be a coward and can’t tell her partner the truth.

      Now i’m interesting what the bond between Bette’s investigation and Tina’s scrip and how COVID are linking with all of that.

    2. In TLW, the Kelly event was a non-event….. Bette did nothing wrong. She responded appropriately and sent Kelly on her way as soon as she cleaned -up the broken glass and split drink. Then Jenny and her vile recording and her blackmailing scheme made it into something which it really wasn’t. And in this story, Kelly spread false rumors about Bette and then is sued for slander which results in Bette getting out of the partnership with Kelly and getting compensated for Kelly’s slander. Now how is it that Tina does not know this is going on? During such times, Bette would have been having multiple meeting with lawyers and would have been preparing paperwork for such a lawsuit. It would have taken time and resources to put together. Why would Bette purposely hide such an event? Why would Tina not at least question what was going on? And how could Bette put on a law suit without Tina’s help?

      My next question is how does Kelly know Laura? Kelly is bi-sexual and is a roommate to Bette during freshman and part of sophomore year and then disappears from Bette’s life until almost 20 years later. Bette meets Laura during the preparation of her thesis for her master which is approximately 4 years later. Laura is at least two maybe three years older than Bette and is in the same school of arts at Yale. Bette only meets Laura because she is assigned as her graduate assistant to get her through her thesis. I never got the impression that Kelly had an interest in art or art studies at Yale…. So Kelly and Laura’s friendship? How does that happen? And how does Bette know that they were friends?

      I find this quest for the painting to be very interesting and a backdrop of the impending Covid crisis drama. It think this part could be an extremely good story. If these two are in the midst of reconciling, it would strengthen their relationship and bonding to work as team. But if they still have skeletons in the closet which keep popping out from time to time….. well, there is going to be trouble. And as much as these two have been through over the past 25 years, it would seem to me that they would have clean that closet out before trying to make a go of it one more time. After all, these are now middle age women with a child who is on the verge of adulthood. I hope this will not be a problem…. but it looks like it will be just more drama… and for me, that will be disappointing.

      Thanks for the chapter….. keep it coming….

      • Hey Martha

        As usual you put interesting question on the table. Chapter 1 gives the background of the relationship between Kelly and Laura which leads to an introduction to Bette.

        I would agree with you on the notion skeletons would have been discussed, but given that our girls were at odds with each other it is not a far reach that Tina may not have known what was going on in NY if Bette did not mention it. An Executive Producer’s hours are unpredictable able at best and for the story’s sake, Bette did not tell her what was going on. As far as Jenny and her accusation are concerned, I agree they were nonsense and Bette thought the same.

        Love your perspective. This will be slow to unravel like the last story, hang in there things will be more clear as we go along.


    3. Very good chapter which leads to a lot of questions.
      What relationship did Laura and Kelly had ? Why did Laura never contacted Bette again when she was known in the art world? Is it really a good idea to contact Kelly who could sow discord in the couple ?

      The subject of this story is really interesting, a few weeks ago I saw a TV show about this shocking part of History that has been repeated over the past decades …

      Please post soon again !

    4. Hey SK,

      Great update & lots more to think about.

      As I’ve mentioned to you before, this storyline with the stolen art work is very interesting & suspenseful – great topic & it looks like it will eventually involve both Bette & Tina.

      Bette’s got a lot of baggage to unpack with Tina & the sooner she does it the better. The ability to be open has always been an issue with Bette & she should now tell Tina everything – no more not discussing issues.
      But I know you will navigate the waters with them & guide them to a good place.

      Covid is the curve ball that could definitely change their perceptive & their lives. Waiting to see how it impacts them.

      Looking forward to where this is going & what will be discovered next!!

      Take care!!

    5. Hey SK,

      Great chapter!

      Kelly, when will she disappear from Bette’s life? She caused enough problems in the past but is maybe the one who can answer some questions and shine a light about this, but at what price? Bette should talk to Tina about what happened in the past and yes maybe she should have done that when it all started but i can see why she didn’t do it. I hope Tina will not get mad or react totally out of proportion but can see why it was a no issue for Bette at the time because let’s be honest, nothing happened and it was Jenny’s disturbed mind who thought different. But if Bette opens up, let her talk about everything, nothing holding back.

      Covid, i am sick of it but i am afraid it will still impact us for a long time even when everyone is vaccinated. Brave of you to bring it in this story!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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