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    Prologue and Everyone has a History Chapter 1


    Nazi’s Modern Art Purge

    On July 18, 1937, the Nazis put on what was to become an annual art show—the ”Great German Art Exhibition,” in Munich’s Haus der Kunst. The images on display included classical and pastoral images, realistic portraits and still lifes, nudes, landscapes and images out of German mythology. The following day, a companion exhibition opened nearby. Called the ”Degenerate art” exhibition, it was a collection of more than 650 paintings and artworks confiscated from German museums representing Impressionism, Dadaism, Cubism, Surrealism, Expressionism and all the ”Modern” movements that defined 20th-century art; everything, essentially, that the Nazis deemed dangerous to the ”Thousand-Year Reich” and the mental health of the German people.

    The exhibit (in various iterations) traveled to a total of 13 German and Austrian cities between 1937 and 1941 before its paintings—masterpieces by Paul Klee, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Max Ernst and others—were destroyed or sold, along with more than 21,000 objects purged from state-owned museums.

    Whereas it was forbidden to export ”Degenerate art” to Germany, it was still possible to buy and sell artworks of ”degenerate artists” in occupied France. The Nazis were not concerned about Frenchmen’s mental health. As a consequence, many works made by these artists were sold at the main French auction house during the occupation. However, a large amount of ”Degenerate art” by Picasso, Dalí, Ernst, Klee, Léger and Miró was destroyed in a bonfire on the night of July 27, 1942, in the gardens of the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris.

    While the destruction of ”Degenerate art” had a massive impact to modernism, perhaps no other artist was as shattered as German expressionist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. His carnal, vivid work where nudity and harsh lines were a defining theme drew the Nazi ire and around 600 pieces of his were destroyed. In 1938, Kirchner killed himself.


    July 27, 1942

    Outside in the gardens of the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris, a young man stood behind a tree across from a massive pile of 12 foot long crossed logs, five feet high that glowed with blue flames shooting skyward.  He watched as men hurled painting after painting into the crackling flames.   There were no speeches nor explanation for the destruction of the art like that of the great joyous ceremonies that included live music, singing, and incantations that took place in Berlin at the height of the burning of banned books.  The inconspicuous labor of these men looked as if they were doing was nothing more than burning trash. 

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    1. Hey Lady,

      WooHoo!!!!! You posted!!!!!

      Can’t wait to read your update & welcome back!!!!

      Will get to it this weekend – I promise!!!

      I am so excited for you!!!!

      Will comment soon.

      All the best my friend.

    2. Hi! I write again when i read it full, but i remember the history about this two exhibition – i remember that amount of people who attended the second exhibition ”Degenerate art” was huge, much more than approved by nazi ”German Art ”

      P.S. Thank you for the new (continuation) story!

    3. Hey SuperK,

      Again, welcome back to the site. You have been missed.

      Glad to see the continuation of this story. Love them being back together.

      So it seems there will be lots if twists & turns to this part of the story.

      Hope this memory of Laura doesn’t interfere with the Tibette relationship this time around.

      I have viewed many shows on this subject of the missing art & where many of the pieces still might be that haven’t been recovered yet. Very interesting.

      So glad to see James back & in partnership again with Bette. They were a very good team.

      Hope Bette & Tina keep the lines of communication open & avoid some of the earlier pitfalls of their relationship.

      Looking forward to how this will all unfold.

      Thanks so much!!!

    4. This is a very interesting story plot line….. a missing painting from the Nazi era…. the convergence of the subject matter being so coincidently landing at Bette doorstep at the same time….

      I’m afraid that I will have go back and reread the prior story as I simply do not remember what time frame this story is taking place nor what Bette and Tina’s relationship is with each other than they are together and that they seem to be infatuated with each other.

      A mature stable couple would never have a problem with a lover prior to their relationship which occurred 20 to 25 years ago particularly when the other party is dead. So unlike other commenters, I could see no more problems with this Laura character for Tina anymore than I could see Eric being a problem for Bette. They are a part of their history which is long past….

      I see that this is a golden opportunity for Bette and Tina to work as a team on a project which they both have a mutual interest in – Bette in the art world and its preservation and Tina in the movie script for potential production.

      Thank you for this beginning….

    5. Hey welcome back,

      Interesting start and i am hooked.

      Like Tina, what a coincidental for all that to happen now and Tina got a script exactly a year before?

      I love to read about the WWII and especially about the Nazi’s.

    6. Delighted to see a new story from you.

      I have reread the whole story of Love Loss and Living and completely enjoyed it, thank you. Now I am really keyed up for this new adventure and trust my favourite couple will be taking the journey together.

      Looking forward to more posts.

    7. Super K
      I am really happy to see this chapter for several reasons. First, I love that you are back and more wonderful than ever and secondly this is such an intriguing plot that I can’t wait to see where you take it. I agree with Martha that there should not be any concern from a relationship that happened so long ago but I am sure there are twists and turns to come as you research and write more. For now, I will bask in the knowledge that there is more to come and enjoy the ride you are taking us on. Peace my friend and for the sake of our escapism please write more!

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