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    After the Goldfrapp Concert (Season 4 Episode 11 Filler)

    “She is really entertaining, don’t you think?” Tina asked Kate Arden, sitting across from her at a table at The Planet.


    “Oh she is definitely that, and,” Kate says with a tiny smirk,” I think a more accurate description would be that she is really emanating sexual energy.”


    Returning the smirk, Tina says,” I wasn’t going to go there, but I quite agree.”  She looks around.  “The energy of the crowd here is still tangible.  Do you want another drink?”


    “Are you offering?” asks Kate.


    Tina grins back and goes to get two more drinks.  Kate casually glances around the café, observing everyone in their element.  She truly enjoyed people watching; she was able to ‘see’ people when they were completely being themselves.  It was one reason she made a good director, capturing people.  She noticed Jenny over by the band that had just gotten off stage, completely fawning over the lead singer.  Shane and Paige were having a good time in the corner.  It would be interesting to see if that lasts, Kate found herself thinking.  She could usually place couples that would stay together and they just didn’t seem to have that zsuzz.  And then there was Tina, the beautiful blonde conundrum.  On the surface she was charming and flirty, laughing at all of Kate’s jokes and displaying the body language of someone who would be interested in romance, but there was something holding her back.  It was something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.  Kit was busy making sure everyone had a good time as always, keeping The Planet running smoothly.


    “Here,” Tina said, handing Kate a cold beer, herself with a cosmopolitan.


    “Thanks,” Kate said, looking Tina up and down.  “I forgot to mention you look really good tonight, Tina.”


    Tina blushed and looked down for a split second, looking back up and laughing slightly.  “Oh, thanks, Kate.  You – you look good, too.  I’ve never seen you dressed to go ‘out’, ya know?  I mean you always wear those combat jackets and hipster cabbie hats.  Don’t get me wrong I mean you look good in those, too.  Anyway, haha you look good.”


    Kate smiled to herself at how cute Tina was when she was flustered, clearly caught off-guard by the tiny little compliment.  She decided to press in a little bit.  “Let’s go find a more intimate corner where we can, you know, talk.”

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