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    Dan Foxworthy Counseling Session (Season 5 Episode 9 Post Elevator)

    Dan looked back and forth between his two clients sitting on the couch, and the reason for their counseling session became quite obvious.  He was initially perplexed at the call he received, but looking at Bette and Tina now, nothing could be more clear: they had fallen back in love.


    “So,” he began, “why are you here?” he asked, already knowing the answer.  This was a favorite technique of his, asking questions he already knew the answer to in order to get his clients to process their feelings.  He noticed their body language, quite different than the first time they had come to see him almost five years prior.  Back then they sat on opposite ends of the couch, but now… though there was plenty of room to spread out, they sat practically with their thighs touching.


    “Well,” said Bette, glancing over to Tina with a smile, and then back to Dan, “Tina and I have… reconnected lately.  And we would like some help sorting out these feelings given our… situation.”


    “Oh,” replied Dan with raised eyebrows.  “And what situation is that?”


    Bette hesitated, and Tina grabbed her hand to squeeze it for reassurance.  “I’m still seeing someone… someone else, right now –“


    “Seeing someone,” stated Dan flatly,” who?”


    “She is a co-worker named Jodi, and it has been several months now.  We got together when Tina was seeing a man named Henry.”


    “Henry.  A man,” said Dan.


    “Yes,” Tina interjected, “a man.  Look I will admit I am confused as hell by this whole thing.  I never in my life thought that when I went back to men that my feelings for Bette would come back, and so strong.”  Tina looked over at Bette with soft eyes, “but they did.”


    “When did the relationship with Henry start?” asked Dan.


    “A little less than a year ago,” said Tina.


    “And where is Henry now?” asked Dan.


    “We broke up about two or three months ago.  It was for the best – I was getting bored with him and there wasn’t any spark any more.  To be honest I had begun to think about – someone else – when we were together,” Tina admitted, looking down at her hands now folded in her lap.

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    1. hmmmmm so is there a filler to be written for Season 2 epi 7, Tina decided to get the hell out of Dodge after listening to Helena & her ex arguing and go to the Planet for a celebration.

      Funny that Tina was definitely looking to see if Bette was there. After seeing that was a crowd of horndogs surrounding Bette it took encouragement from Kit to convince Tina talk go and talk to Bette.

      After getting past initial formalities, I noticed that Tina held a strong gaze while looking at a shocked/nervous (slightly embarrassed???) Bette.

      wondered what dialog resulted

    2. You really made a terrific filler here, I love it a lot !
      Expressing their feelings and emotions was always our beloved two’s biggest weakness and it’s so great to hear them truly talk to each other. And thanks to you, this stairway will remain as hot as the elevator ;-)
      Thank you so much for this delightful and lovely filler, Christina !

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