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    After the Kiss: Chapter 45 The Gang

    Chapter 45  The Gang


    Mrs. K. – What did we do wrong?

    Tears stream down her face.

    Tina – Mom, you didn’t do anything wrong. There is nothing wrong!

    Her eyes well up with tears.

    Mrs. K. – How can you say that? This is wrong, Tina! How could you do this? We raised you to do the right thing …


    Mrs. K. – She is a sinner, honey! And she has seduced you into her sinful lifestyle!

    Tina – Not according to our interpretation of God, Mom!



    Bette’s backyard, night: Bette and Tina are in a lounge chair after dinner. The blonde is resting between the brunette’s legs and leaning on her chest, holding a beer bottle.  

    Tina – And I told her that I just wanted her to accept the fact that I have the right to choose whom I love.

    She takes a sip of her beer.

    The gallery owner looks thoughtful while caressing her arm. 

    Bette – I hate to be a point of contention between you and your mom.

    Tina sighs.

    Tina – Well … if not you … someone else …

    The brunette frowns.

    Bette – You mean … that if you hadn’t met me … you would fall for another woman?

    The producer raises her eyebrows with a half-smile on her face.

    Tina – Oops …

    Bette pouts.

    Bette – Oops …?

    Tina chuckles and turns around with a teasing smile.

    Tina – You are …

    She caresses the brunette’s face.

    Tina – … the only one …

    She lands a light kiss on Bette’s chin

    Tina – … that I could ever fall in love with.

    She gives the brunette a soft kiss on the lips.

    Tina – I was just making a point that it is not you, but what you represent.

    The gallery owner’s pout fades into a relaxed smile.

    Bette – Better than oops … You are not allowed to have anyone else.

    The blonde’s face turns serious and she caresses the brunette’s lips with her index finger.

    Tina – I love you, baby!

    The brunette smiles warmly.

    Bette – I love you too, Tee!

    The two women gaze into each other’s eyes and fall into a gentle kiss.  


    A week later


    Bette’s backyard, morning: Bette is having breakfast and reading the newspaper when Tina comes in and sits by her side with a smile on her face.  

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    1. Awww… What a lovely chapter, what a lovely, heartwarming, well-written love story! Brava, dbff! It’s nice how you reintroduced Dana and neatly tied up this chapter with Bette and Tina’s breakthrough kiss in a restroom many months ago. I’m glad that Tina followed her heart and how she encouraged and offered to help Dana follow her heart too. I’ll say this again, I love your depiction of Tina as a kindhearted, loving, possessive but confident, strong and accomplished woman, the perfect complement to strong, accomplished, charming, possessive, loving, occasionally vulnerable Bette. Your version of Bette and Tina is ten times better, more watchable than that of the show! A thousand times thank you for your talent, imagination and romantic, generous heart, dbff! :D

      I’m curious how this will all end but it also makes me sad that this story is coming to end soon. This story–like “Western Skies” and the other TiBette stories in this site–has been my refuge, my haven, my escape from the humdrum of every day life and the harsh, sometimes heartbreaking realities in the world. Guess I’ll just have to reread your stories and the other gems in this site and just wait for you to be inspired again. Thanks again, dbff! :D Have a lovely, productive week! :D

      • check out a truely brilliant story by author, “BK” called: Remember Who You

        The title then switches to: Remember Who You Are for the rest of the chapters. Think Author had missed the “Are” in the title of chapter 1.

        If you want to know what happened after Jodi publicly humiliated Bette, and see the mature growth of Tibette, the story of Tina that wasnt revealed in TLW series, this story is a MUST!!!!

    2. I can see why this chapter was supposed to be the last. Things have come full circle.
      I’m still smiling: Grandma, the wild one, Kit and the introduction of the girlfriend, the Alice + Bette story, how Dana became part of the family and Tina finally being comfortable to be out in public.

      Thank you so much for this cute and entertaining Tibette love story. Great background story that answered some of the questions of the original show.

      Can’t wait to read the epilogue – even if it means the end of the story :-)

    3. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      I forgot to mention i’m glad that you introduced Tina family (and yeah, Granma is bomb:)). Because if i remember correctly she was only one from main cast TLW about which family we knew absolutely nothing ( interrogation tapes it’s not canon for me)

      So, waiting for epilog than.

    4. Lovely story….full circle from Tina’s first kiss to first public kiss. I love the introduction of Dana tieing the beginning to the end. I love Bette’s persistence and her gentility as she pursued Tina, only to be snared by Tina for the capture. I love Meg as Tina’s best friend. Too bad that Meg and Brad are moving to Portland soon, but I’m sure they will be present for Bette and Tina’s commitment ceremony. I’m sure Tina’s parents will be there as well with Grandma too.

      This is a very nice story….and I would love for you to present some more. I have read Western Skys and I love that one too…. Waiting for the epilogue on this one and feel that you will be presenting us with more at some point in the future….Thank you

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