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    After the Kiss: Chapter 44 Thanksgiving

    Chapter 44  Thanksgiving


    A month later


    Tina’s bedroom, early morning: The shower is running and Bette is alone in bed, still sleeping when the phone rings … once … twice.  She covers her face with her pillow. The phone continues to ring. 

    Bette – Why isn’t the answering machine picking it up?

    She answers the phone, still lying down.

    Bette – Hello?

    Tina’s mom frowns.

    Mrs. Kennard – Tina?!

    Bette’s eyes widen and she sits up straight in bed.

    Bette – Uh …

    She places a hand on her forehead.

    Bette – Tina is in the shower … Do you want to leave a message?

    Mrs. Kennard – Who is this?

    Bette – Uh …

    She raises the pitch of her voice.

    Bette – … the help … I’m the help!

    Mrs. Kennard – The help?

    The brunette winces.

    Bette – I do the cleaning …

    Mrs. Kennard – Oh … I didn’t know that Tina had hired someone.

    Bette shakes her head in frustration.

    Mrs. Kennard – Could you please ask Tina to call her mom? Nothing serious, but we have played phone tag lately.

    Bette – OK.

    Mrs. Kennard – Thank you … your name is?

    Bette – Uh … Alice!

    Mrs. Kennard – Thank you, Alice! Have a good day!

    Bette – Thank you, ma’am!

    She hangs up and shouts.

    Bette – Fuuuck! You are not at home, you fucking idiot!


    The Kennard’s living room, mid-morning: Mrs. Kennard hangs up still frowning and looking thoughtful when her husband walks in.

    Mr. K. – Did you talk to her?

    Mrs. K. – No …

    Mr. K. – Whom were you talking to?

    Mrs. K. – Did you know … that Tina hired a maid?

    Mr. K. – No. Why?

    Mrs. K. – Because she has. I just talked to her … Alice.

    She remains pensive.

    Mrs. K. – But I … I could swear that I heard her before. She sounded so familiar.

    Mr. Kennard looks curious.

    Mr. K. – How familiar?

    Mrs. K. – I don’t know. It just felt like déjà vu when she said hello. She reminds me of someone. Don’t you hate when this happens?

    Mr. K. – Where was Tina?

    Mrs. K. – In the shower.

    Mr. Kennard raises his eyebrow.

    Mr. K. – Well … she will call later.

    He walks away.


    Tina’s bedroom, early morning: Tina comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel while Bette is still sitting in bed looking frustrated.  

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    1. Considering that Tina is from North Carolina, her parent’s reaction is better than most. The religious beliefs of many of those in the south just have big time problems reconciling being gay to those beliefs. Such an announcement has brought severe breakups in many family relationships. Terrible thing when it happens….

      Hopefully Tina’s mom will have a change of heart. Good Chapter….love Grandma. I think she is Tina’s best ally to get family acceptance for Bette.

      Thank for another chapter…

    2. Great chapter!

      I already love Grandma!

      I wasn’t surprid with Mrs K. reaction but if she really loves Tina, she would want the best for her daughter and the best is one Bette Porter. I am glad Mr. K is more supportive and i think he will try to let Mrs. K. see that it doesn’t matter who you love and Tina’s happiness is what matters.

      Sad to see this story ending.

    3. Nice Chapter but brought back bad memories for me my talk didn’t end as well. I haven’t seen or spoken to my mom in 9 years. Oh well that’s life. Lol.. Raleigh-Durham Airport, I know this airport I was there twice in Aug. So sad I didnt see Laurel any where lol. Thank you looking for your next chappy.

      • Sorry to hear that. I didn’t think that I would be writing your story but it is unfortunately the story of so many. Speaking as someone who has lost her mother, I hope that you can remind yours from time to time that you’re still her daughter. Times are changing … and people do change with time, sometimes. I wish that for you.

        • Not your fault for my memories because your right everyone has a story to tell about their coming out. Some good some bad. I am sorry your mom has past. Mine is 74 and she says she loves me but wont see or talk to me. Change is not coming and I have dealt with it and moved on. So I’m living my live for she has lived hers. I do feel sad for those who are much younger then I who are having these same troubles. But hopefully stories likes your, mine and others will help them. Thank you for your story because its needed.

    4. Thanks for posting, dbff. I’m sad that this beautiful story will end soon.

      I’m impressed with Tina. She kept very calm and level-headed while talking to her mom. She respects her mom’s view but still stands unwaveringly to her own convictions and her way of life.

      Glad that she has dad who seems to be supportive. Oh and Grandma! I’m with Martha and Bibi: you gotta love Grandma! I would imagine that her reaction to Tina being with a woman would be something like: “If I was your age right now, I’d try this lesbian thing too.”

      I said it before: great story.

    5. I loved Tina’s grandmother. I think she will be Tibette’s greatest cheerleader. Tina is lucky to have her dad’s support. He will do his best to work on Tina’s mom who in time will come to accept Bette and Tina’s relationship. It is not looking promising with Melvin.

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